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15 Different Types of Vibrators!


By Lee & Jessi, Owners of DiskretAdultLife, August 8th, 2018

In today’s sex toy market, you have huge volumes of vibrator selection. It is extremely overwhelming with all these different types of vibrating objects used for sex. This guide will break it down and explain all your basic options when it comes to types of vibrators.

When picking out what type of vibrator you want a couple main things will have to be established first. From there it will be much easier to decide what you’re looking for.

Battery Vibrator vs. Rechargeable Vibrator:

No matter what type of vibrator you go with they all have a power source. The first thing is deciding ifsmoothie vibrators you want a battery-operated vibrator, or a rechargeable vibrator.

The advantages of the battery-operated vibrators are really only that they are cheaper. These types of vibrators usually fall into a lower quality product line. The rechargeable vibrators are more common today and fall amongst the more luxurious vibrator lines.

The main advantages of rechargeable vibrators beyond the obvious not having to constantly change the batteries, is ease of use. Most vibrators are magnetic and just snap to the end of your USB charging port and you can store it right by your bedside.

The other advantage is the charge on most last a very long time. A single charge of a vibrator can last you multiple masturbation sessions. Rechargeable vibrators are also more durable from the standpoint of the battery components are usually plastic housings that don’t hold up as well under pressure.

Water Proof Vibrators vs. Non-Water Proof Vibrators:

The next thing you need to decide is where will you be using this vibrator? Most battery-operated vibrators are not water proof unless they screw together with a water tight O-ring. The issue with these types of vibrators is a lot of the O-rings crack or fall out overtime and you can ruin your vibrator by taking it in the tub or shower with you.

Your best bet if you’re looking to play in the water is with a rechargeable type vibrator. These can be sealed 100% because you never need to take them apart for battery replacement.

Types of Vibrators:

Now that you narrowed down the two main features on all vibrators its time to decide what your going to be using your sex toy for? Will these vibrators be for anal play, vaginal play, for a man or women?

A lot of different types of vibrators can actually be used by both men and women. So, the list will be broken down by function.

Anal Play:

When it comes to anal vibrators you have a choose of a few different sex toys that will be broken down below:

  • butt plugs:

vibrating butt plug lux Butt plugs are used for pleasure by being placed in a man or women’s anus and kept in while masturbating or having sex. Some butt plugs vibrate, other do not. But surveys have reported men who use them to orgasm have a 33% more intense orgasm. For more information on butt plugs click here.

  • Anal Beads:

You can’t disclude your trusty anal beads! Vibrating anal beads are out there. However, it is more popular to find silicone, or glass anal beads that don’t vibrate. Anal beads are usually a string of beads graduating in side that can be pushed in or pulled out to give varying degrees of pleasure.

Vibrating anal beads are used by both mean and women. Make sure they have a ring or stopper on the end as it can be dangerous for anal play without this. For everything you need to know on anal beads click here.

  • Anal Plug:

Let’s be clear on the difference between an anal plug and butt plug. An anal plug is not for pleasure, they are used mostly for constipation and for stretching the anus.

Anal plugs are not designed to give pleasure during sex or masturbation and are usually shaped more like a cone than a bulb plug. Keep this in mind when making your anal play purchase. Not all anal plugs are the same.

  • Vibrating Strap On:

Like a lot of these sex toys, I understand a vibrating strap on can be used for more than anal sex… like vaginal. However, they are commonly used among lesbians or couples who enjoy pegging.

The vibrating strap on has a lot of flexibility and delivers a lot pleasure. Try it out for anal play or keep it for vaginal, but either way your partner is in for a treat.

Vibrators for Men: 

Men enjoy vibrators too you know. Actually, there are a lot of different types of vibrators for men. The following are the most popular:

  • Vibrating Fleshlight:

A fleshlight is a male sex toy that looks like a flash light. One end typically has an opening shaped like a vagina, mouth, or anus. The other end usually is a screwing motion to adjust the “tightness” of the sex toy.

These come in all shapes and sizes, however some of the vibrating fleshlights are the most popular sex toys among men. Its not uncommon for women to use them on there male partners either, it’s a great way to warm him up, and let his anticipation build for what’s to come… you!

  • Vibrating Cockring:

Cockrings are a silicone ring that goes around the shaft of the penis and slides to the base. It is then waterproof cock ringleft on during sex and provides vibrating stimulation to the man wearing it and female clitoris at the same time.

These are highly recommended for any couple new to the sex toy sense as they provide immense pleasure to both the user and receiver. Vibrating cock rings are also great for gay men looking to stimulate their partners balls or the sensitive area between the balls and anus while thrusting.

  • Vibrating Penis Pump:

Although these are not the most common sex toy for men or couples, they can bring intense orgasms for men. A vibrating penis pump is a device that slides over the male’s shaft and generates suction.

These are typically left on and the pump does all the work required. The vibrating penis pumps are a great way for men to build up their tolerance and adjust the “suction” intensity to resemble a tighter vagina.

Types of Vibrators for Women:

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, what are the best types of vibrators for women? The different types of vibrators out there are vast. We will touch on the most popular vibrators, but also the ones we think are over looked. Some vibrators are extremely powerful, yet most women don’t even know they exist! So, let us break it down for you:

  • G-Spot Vibrators:

lelo isla in purple rechargable vibratorG-spot vibrators are popular because great orgasms can be achieved through massaging the g-spot. The difference with g-spot vibrators and clitoral vibrators is that the g-spot is simulated through vaginal penetration.

Most g-spot vibrators have a slight curve to them. This naturally follows through the vagina and leads up to the g-spot area on most women, so remember to have the curve facing up towards your belly button when inserting. Depth is critical, the g-spot is usually only 2-3 inches inside the vagina, so you don’t need a massive vibrator to hit your g-spot. Once you find it you’ll know by the intense waves of pleasure it brings.

  • Clitoral Vibrators:

Clitoral vibrators are external stimulating vibrators lightly massage the clitoris. Like the g-spot the clitoris is a sensitive area that brings extreme pleasure. Not all adult toys are equal so before deciding on your clitoral vibrator make sure you trust the manufacturer or retailer. There are a lot of low quality clitoral vibrators on the market that give them a bad reputation.

Don’t forget the clitoral vibrators can be used at the same time as a dildo or vaginal penetrating vibrator. This is for more advanced users but who doesn’t love two sex toys at the same time? The more the merrier…

  • Luxury Vibrators:

Our obvious favorite category is the luxury line of vibrators. The slightly higher price tag that comes rabbit 2 rechargeable vibratorwith these due to their functionality, durability, and quality. This is something that brings you great pleasure, not to mention will be inside your body. Make sure you get a quality product that is safe. Luxury vibrators can be found in all styles and

Not only will they last longer, but it brings a sense of style and class to the bedroom that will impress your partner. You don’t cheap out on first dates, why would you on your pleasure alone, or with a partner?

  • Egg Vibrators:

Egg vibrators are not the most popular adult products out there for women, but they tend to pleasantly surprise most. An egg vibrator is a egg shaped sex toy that slides into the vagina like a ben-wa-ball. It then vibrates through a remote controller.

This can be left in and provide pleasure for hours.  Can even wear them out in public for a extra kinky night with your partner.

  • Realistic Dildo Vibrators:

Its all in the title really! These are shaped and colored to look identical to the penis. Most are detailed enough to have veins and a slight curve even. Generally made from silicone these usually are a simple lower quality dildo, but if they work as a dildo why not make them into a vibrator?

Well that’s exactly what they did, and now manufactures are making the most iconic realistic looking dildos into vibrating ones for added pleasure. Some have suction cups on the bottom, so you can plant it, and ride it until your heart desires.

  • Mini Vibrators:

Sometimes powerful things do come in small packages! Mini vibrators are sleek, low profile vibrators you can take on the go. Great for traveling and discreet enough to pack in the purse for uses anywhere you like.

Some mini vibrators are the size of your finger but pack the same punch as a full size. Never get caught without your adult toy when the right moment strikes!

  • Clitoral Suction Vibrators:

clitoral stimulator womanizer deluxeClitoral suction vibrators are a new and hot topic. These were released a few years ago, and the Womanizer became the iconic image of this new type of vibrator. It is not like your typical penetrating vibrator but more like your clitoral stimulation vibrator.

However, instead of vibrating or spinning on the clitoris it uses a pleasure air technology that has a suction cup slip over the clitoris and uses soft pull/push pressure waves. It has varying levels of pressure sensitivity so try it out on your palm first.

What Type of Vibrator is Best for me?

The answer to this question is not easy since everyone’s body is different. Some find g-spot to be the best for achieving orgasm, while other women require clitoral stimulation. The best type of vibrator for you is one that slowly builds simulations until you have a intense mind blowing orgasm. Keep in mind an orgasm may not happen every time you masturbate. Yes, even when using a vibrator you may not orgasm.

That’s okay, sometimes the stimulation is about receiving pleasure and learning your body. It helps develop a sense for what your body craves from not only a sex toy but when your having sex too. Those who masturbate with sex toys learn and understand their body that allows them to have better sex and achieve orgasm during sex more frequently.

Try handing your favorite sex toy over to your partner and let them use it on themselves or on you to start out the best sex of your life.

So remember, the best type of vibrator for you will be found through experimentation but we suggest starting with one that stimulates internally then externally to get the basics of what your body enjoys the most. From there you can spread your wings, or should I say legs.

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