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50 Foreplay Tips!


By Lee & Jessica, Owners of DiskretAdultLife, September 11th, 2018

Great foreplay can save an entire relationship. Now that is one bold statement, but I’m sticking to it. I will explain in this article why that statement can hold true, along with some great tips and examples of how to engage in mind blowing foreplay. Foreplay is easily the most overlooked aspect of sex when comes to relationships. Why is this? I believe it’s a simple fact that sex feels so good, most couples skip the foreplay or make it brief, so they can get straight to the “good stuff”. But if you really slow down, take a step back, here is how foreplay can save an entire relationship.

Foreplay is more than just a lead up to penetrative sex. Foreplay can be quality time spent with your partner. It doesn’t have to start 5 mins before engaging in sex. Foreplay can start hours, or even days before you actually engage in penetrative sex. It can be a fun game you and your partner play. So, what are the best methods of foreplay? How should I tackle this daunting task? What are some great foreplay ideas and examples? We will answer all your questions and more throughout this article.

What is Foreplay and who engages in it?

          Foreplay involves a ton of different examples, but the basic definition is the physical or mental activities preformed while leading up to sex. These activates are usually romantic or sexual in nature and get you and your partner in the mood for sex. Not everyone can last long during actual penetrative sex, so foreplay is a great way to stretch out any sexual encounter. It helps build the sexual tension between you and your partner that can lead to the best sex of your life.

Foreplay is arguably the most important aspect to sex, unless you are purposefully trying to engage in a quickie. The “quickie” has its time and place, and even then, you can use foreplay to make the quickie more effective for both of you. The foreplay will just be less physical and more emotional/mental form of foreplay like sexting. Any couple, young or old should engage in foreplay. It is the ultimate way to build up sexual tension for your full bodirty talk, couples, foreplaydy orgasmic release.

So, if you’re not currently engaging in foreplay, you must read and try the below examples to revolutionize your sex life! If you think your foreplay could use some improvement, try out some of the examples below. Lastly, if you think your foreplay is killer and the best there is… Please comment below and share with others your techniques and examples! Sharing is caring!

How to Engage in Foreplay:

Now that you know what foreplay is, how do you start preforming it? There really is no exact method to this, you just have to jump right into it. If you’re new to foreplay, start with my beginner examples. After all, you don’t want to go from zero foreplay to extreme or your partner might be confused. As anything sexual related, communication is key and so is starting small and working your way from there.

With time you and your partner will master the types of foreplay you both enjoy most. This will lead to a much happier sex life, and with that better communication, more trust, and an overall better relationship. If you currently have zero foreplay, it could be hindering your relationship some, which is exactly why I say great foreplay can save a relationship. It will bring you closer and allow you to give your undivided attention to each other.

Sex Toy Foreplay:

If you don’t own a sex toy, this is the perfect time to start incorporating them into your sex life. I’m not saying buy a dildo, hide it from your partner and use it in private. Although dildos are great for masturbation and reliving daily stress, to engage in foreplay make sure your partner is aware you have one. Let it be a tool he can use on you to start things off.

Believe me when I say most guys enjoy using a sex toy on their partner. It is an extreme turn on for him and you at the same time. You can also get a couple’s sex toy that both of you enjoy even during penetrative sex. Examples of these might be a cockring or couple’s vibrator.foreplay, bootie ring by fun factory in a hand

Guys, female sex toys are also great gifts to show your partner you want to start engaging in more foreplay. Sex toys allow the male to last much longer because they can use it to warm their partner up, so she can be ready for orgasm before they even engage in penetrative sex.

If you both currently own sex toys but have never tried them together, this is a missed opportunity to really improve your sex life! Make him watch you use it, without letting him touch you until he can’t bear it any longer. Girls can use a male sex toy on their partner to get them extra hard before sliding it in. The possibilities and pleasure are endless!

Beginner Foreplay Examples:

Not all foreplay has to be extremely advanced. Even couples that have been engaging in foreplay for years can go back to the basics to really ramp up their sex life. For all beginners, just remember the foreplay starts with the details. Show your partner you want them, that you’re thinking about them, and that you are ready to give them your full undivided attention.

Foreplay doesn’t have to start 15-20 mins before engaging in penetrative sex but can start in the morning and go all day. Keep this in mind, the longer the foreplay is, the more sexual tension and build up, which results in even better sex. Here are some basic foreplay examples for beginners:

  • Watch a romantic movie together:

Pick out his/her favorite movie or watch something new that you know has a lot of kissing or sexual scenes throughout. This will get you both hot and bothered.

  • Start sexting from early in the morning:

Sexting is both the easiest and best foreplay there is. You get time to think about a response and judge your partners reactions. You can tell them exactly what you plan on doing to them, and get them thinking all day long about what is to come. Check out our guide to sexting here.

  • Take a shower together:

This foreplay can really get you wet…

  • Take a warm bath together:

Lite some candles and use bath salts for something extra.

  • Share a bottle of wine:

Nothing fancy but spend some quality time together before sex.

  • Cook your partner dinner:

Not something you expected to be a turn on? Maybe something you take for granite? A nice romantic dinner is some seriously good foreplay.

  • Go out for a nice meal:

Splurge on your partners favorite meal. Whisper sexy things to them at dinner and let them know what is coming for dessert ;).

  • Go for a walk in the park:

Seems cheesy, I know… But this quality time and undivided attention is great foreplay leading to the bedroom. Get touchy feely while in the park, its all about the anticipation.

  • Kiss, hug, makeout:

Seems obvious, but it is overlooked all to often. Kiss your partner, makeout with them. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the dinner table or on your walk. Make them feel sexy, and they will return the favor.

  • Oil each other up for a massage:

Extremely sexy and ultimate foreplay move. Both naked and oiled up, rubbing each other’s body. Wonder what that will lead too…?

  • Flash your partner:

If your partner is into it… give them a little flash. A preview of what’s to come. Pull your skirt up and let him see that butt he can’t touch yet.

  • Pull their hair in a fun and sexy way:

When they are least expecting it, give a playful pull of your partners hair and let them know what is coming later.

  • Whisper in their ear:

Dirty talk can be extremely sexually arousing. Click here to find out how to do it.

  • Hit the beach:

Watching your partner in a swim suit can be a big turn on.

  • Hit the gym:

Physical activity with your partner while the hormones are flying… Look out!

  • Take a trip:

Who said foreplay has to be done at home? Take her to Rome, or a local hotel for a nice getaway.


This is a great way of showing her you love the way she looks, and can’t wait to see her half naked before fully naked.

  • Clothes & underwear shopping:

Make sure not to get in trouble but try sharing a changing room with a couple outfits.

  • Complete a project together:

If you like using your hands, beyond the bedroom… build something or repair something around the house, but together. Make sure you are not in a rush, it is just for fun remember.

  • Try some yoga:

Hot yoga or normal yoga, its all sexy. If you’re at home and watching her do a downward dog, don’t hesitate to mount that dog!

  • Footsie under the table:

Its not childish, it will make each other laugh and gives some physical contact in public while being secretive about it.

  • Set a calendar date:

Yes, you read that right. We all live in crazy busy lives, where work, family, and daily chores take over. Don’t forget about your partner. Set a date on the calendar you plan on having sex. Make sure you stick to it and set out plenty of time. This will give both of you some serious anticipation leading up to that date.

  • Touch each other over your clothes:

All foreplay should start with your clothes on. Rub your partners genitals over their clothing. Let them know you mean business about getting busy.

  • Hire a babysitter:

Do the kids sometimes get in the way of your foreplay? Hire a babysitter to take the kids out to a movie or to the park, so you can fully engage in your sexual experience.

  • Take a “nap” together:

Take nap that leads to “oh so much more”.

Advanced Foreplay Examples:

The beginner foreplay examples above are romantic ways of building sexual tension before the sexual experience. These can be done by any couple to really spice up their sex life. However, they

couple grab panties foreplay

are basic ideas, what are the juicy advanced foreplay techniques you should try? These are not for every coup

le depending on sexual skill, experience, and how comfortable you feel with your partner.

Before engaging in any of these, make sure your partner is up for the challenge and

enjoys these types of foreplay techniques. Simple communication while doing them like “you like that baby?” or “how do you feel about trying this?” are always good ways to check in that you and your partner are still on the same page. Here are some great ways to spice up your sex life and potentially save any relationship. Warning, these are more X-rated than the beginner examples:

  • Watch porn together:

It may seem awkward at first, but after the first couple times it can be an extreme turn on for you both. Make sure to pick something semi-female friendly. Also, it will never seem like a good time to do it, so just take the leap and give it a try. Leave it on in the background as you continue on with your foreplay. Check the filter like on porn hub for female friendly to get less “hardcore” films to start with.

  • Use a sex toys on her:woman with peach panties, glass dildoand companion dildo

Guys, its time to invest in a quality sex toy. Something that will blow her mind and remind her of you. Give it to her as a gift, but then make sure to use it on her afterwards. Let her know you are thinking of her in a sexy manner.

  • Use a sex toy on him:

Girls, this goes both ways you know? Give him a sex toy and show him how to use it. If you want something that gives you pleasure as well, try a cockring or couples vibrate. This is like giving a gift to yourself but let him think it was for him 😉

  • Give him a blowjob:

Do not finish him all the way, but suck him until just before he is ready to cum then stop. This is called edge play, and can lead to the best sex of his life. Its like a cruel tease until you let him cum, which will be more intense than ever.

  • Give her oral:

Guys, go down on your lady. I’m talking about oral foreplay. Not straight into her vagina, but make sure to kiss, lick, and breath on every inch of her before working your way to her vagina. This is payback for the edge play she’s done to you. A great foreplay tease!

  • Hand sex:

Don’t forget you have more body parts that can give your partner pleasure beyond your genitals. Use your hands to caress her upper back, neck, and lower back. Work your way to her breasts then finally her vagina. Girls, you can do the same for him.

  • Lingerie:

What’s better than a sexy new piece of lingerie to build the anticipation? Give him a night he will never forget.

  • Make your partner watch you masturbate:

Make her watch you stroke your cock from a far, but not let her touch it yet. Have him watch you use a sex toy to warm up. This foreplay is almost to cruel, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

  • Remote controlled sex toy:

We now live in a day and age where you can control a sex toy from a remote. Put it in her panties before going out to eat and ramp up the vibration throughout the night. Watch her face as you control her every desire.

  • Breath on their genitals:

The odds are your partner wants you to lick and suck their genitals, so give them a teasing foreplay that only consists of your warm breath. With your tongue ohh so close to them!

  • Dirty talk:

Its all in the description. If you want to master it, check out our dirty talk blog here.

  • Touch in public:

Be carfeful about this one. You could be breaking the law. But try giving your partner a touch in public. The risk involved may get you even more turned on.

  • Walk around the house naked:

Flaunt what you got! Let them watch you walk around naked, but can’t touch you until later.

  • Role Play:

You’re the cop, and I’ve been a bad girl…

  • Femdom:

When the lady takes charge. Read the ultimate guide here.


  • Strip Games:

Strip poker or strip pool. Girls this is a good one to throw the game in… Twister is a personal favorite of mine.

  • Grinding:

Clothes on or off is up to you. But grinding on them is a great way to enhance your foreplay.

  • Hair Tug:

Slowly run your fingers through their hair, then give it a gentle tug. Direct them in the direction you want them to go.

  • Double it:

The key to foreplay is the length of time you do it. The longer the better so take your time and do it right.

  • Beg for it:

If your partner and you are into it. Make them beg for what they want. Then, and only then, give them what they desire.

  • Don’t ignore the clit:

Guys, make sure to give it lots of attention, it’s the key to all her pleasure. Start soft for great foreplay. Then ramp it up to the point of orgasm.

  • Play with her nipples:

Don’t forget the nipples, use communication to find out how rough she likes it. Some women have more sensitive nipples than others.

  • Ask them what they want:

Don’t be shy, ask your partner exactly what they want. If your telling them, make sure to give every little detail. This turns into dirty talk while giving into each other’s fantasies.

  • Oil and Lube:

Did I mention using lots of oil and lube? We recommend using more natural based water lubes. They are friendly on all types of skin, and don’t react with cheaper sex toys.

  • Give complements:

Don’t think this is an advanced fore play technique? When is the last time you gave your partner a deep, meaningful, personal complement? Not something like “you look good.” This foreplay technique will take you farther than 90% of the ones listed above. It is also why I saved it for last.

Foreplay Wrap-up:

Now that you have the ultimate list of foreplay examples, start putting them to use. It does no good to read them all and then continue to do exactly what you have been doing. Pick one, pick a few, but give it a shot to really impress your partner and improve your sex life.

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