Avant D5 Sin City



The Legendary Avant D5 Sin City Will Leave You In An Orgasmic State Of Shock!


  • Hand Sculpted Design is perfectly curved for optimal mind-blowing pleasure. Resembling a thick and long penis to give you a complete sense of fullness.


  • Made from body safe platinum cured silicone so you can get off with a piece of mind knowing this has a 100% body-safe design and made from 100% body safe materials.


  • Made to fit most harnesses to satisfy your deepest pegging desires! Have great control over the Avant D5 and your partners pleasure.


  • Strong suction cup that allows you to bounce on this dildo in the shower, on a mirror, the floor… You name it, endless options of depth and angle control with whatever sex position feels best to you!


  • This dildo is both vaginal and anal safe! Giving you long-lasting pleasure in both front or backside pleasure!


  • Curved bulbous head allows for insane G-spot orgasms. Glide this thick shaft over your G-spot for intense full body pleasure. Stemming from your G-spot down to your curling toes!





  • Flexible 8 inch long shaft, which over 6.5 inches can be inserted!


  • Girthy 5.5 inch circumference, which leads to 1.75 inch diameter head.


  • Product Weight 9.9 oz.


  • Strong Suction Cup


  • Platinum Cured Silicone


  • Limited Edition, only a couple hundred made world-wide.


  • Amazing 5 star reviews!


Avant D5 Sin City


Avant D5 Sin City Use:


The Avant D5 Sin City is a limited-edition dildo that was hand sculpted for the ultimate orgasm in mind. Its rather large compared to most dildos giving you a serious amount of girth and length for the ultimate fullness experience.


Stick the strong suction cup on the ground and mount it! Control all your speed, angles, and depth from on top! Let’s be real, laying on your back in bed can get old and sometimes a new way to get off is an excellent way to mix things up!


Make sure to lube the Avant D5 Sin City well with a water-based lube and watch how well it can glide in. The girth does provide an initial “stretch” that feels absolutely amazing! Go slow if you’re not used to this large of dildos. Remember to stop if you feel any pain or serious discomfort. The Avant D5 Sin City was really design for ambitious beginners or more experienced users.


If your looking for a long anal dildo. This is one of the best I’ve ever used. It’s nice to know the design and material is built for back-side pleasure too! Just remember to lube it up well! If your into harness pegging a partner, the Avant D5 Sin City is an amazing extension of your body.


The large flared base allows it to be mounted in the harness with minimal slip and spin. Just thrust away with mind-blowing pleasure! It will have you and your partner moaning well into the night!


going down on her


Experts Reviews


“The Avant D5 Sin City is no joke. This is a rather girthy monster that fills my desires completely. I can’t tell you how satisfying 7 inches of premium silicone feels… It’s like this was crafted specifically for me and my needs!” – Jess


“Look at this swanky dil. I mean, damn. That’s some A+ packaging, coupled with badass colors.” -Angle from lube space


“The texture is subtle, but I like how the rounded coronal ridge teases as it glides in and out. I’m also happy that the silicone bends, so I can get some forward curve; yet the dildo is firm enough to make a big impact on my vag.” – Felicity Phallophilereviews.


Avant D5 Sin City


Peer Reviews:


“This was my first ever solely insertable toy. I was hesitant for a while because I rely so heavily on vibrating clitoral stimulation, so I tend to flock more to toys that do both, but I could not stop thinking about this thing! I’m so happy with my purchase. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but it does the trick for me perfectly. I like to use it paired with a clitoral stimulator as well, but it also looks brilliant in a harness (and on my nightstand). So, so happy. Great suction base. Great texture throughout. 10/10 recommend” – Emily


“This brand is my favorite texture of dildo. paired with a suction toy and it gets an A+. would also make a great harness toy. if you are a newbie for penetration or want something with less girth, I’d recommend the lesbian pride dildo, but this one is incredible for folks who love something thicker”-Jerynn



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