Avant Heart Of Gold



Avant Heart Of Gold


Meet the Avant Heart of Gold by Blush. It’s modern, sleek, and stylish design was naturally hand-sculpted with pleasure on the mind!


Great to use as a beginner dildo or anal dildo! Start your exotic sex life here! No more using those boring fingers!


The larger suction cup base makes it entirely body-safe for anal paly! It also makes it fun to stick in the shower, tub, mirror or wall for a unique standing or squatting ride of a lifetime! The suction allows for all new and pleasurable angles, beyond the lay on your back and spread your legs…


avant Heart of gold


Avant Heart of Gold is made from the most premium silicone yet! It’s non-porous making it easy to clean. It contains zero phthalates, and is hypoallergenic.


The completely smooth, flat, and clean silicone will slide right in with just a dab of water-based lube.


Filling your senses with overwhelming pleasure as the slightly curved nub gives you amazing depth and g-spot stimulation.


The perfect amount of depth and girth to give you a sense of “fullness” while also rolling over your g-spot with each thrusting surge. Imagine the powerful orgasms that begin to creep up your spine.


Avant Heart of Gold


The Avant Heart of Gold will give you eye-rolling, full-body, orgasms much easier than most dildos. Especially when you use the strong suction cup and control its every angle & depth.


Harness The Power Of The Avant Heart Of Gold


Did we mention its perfect for all your lesbian or pegging fantasies?


avant Heart of gold


Oh yea, just slide the Avant Heart of Gold into your favorite Harness and work it like it’s an extension of your own body!


Due to the large suction cup base, it holds well in 90% of the harnesses out there. Allowing for great control and minimal to zero slip or twist in the harness.


Satisfy your partners every desire by thrusting into them with this perfectly designed dildo!


Avant Heart Of Gold Features:


  • Premium Silicone that is 100% body-safe, sleek, and perfectly smooth. Have great confidence this dildo is built to last and with amazing craftsmanship! It even comes with a 5 year warranty!


  • Works great in almost any harness! Minimal slip or twist for the perfect pegging session! Your partner will thank you in more than one way!


  • Using a large suction cup on the base allows you to experience powerful orgasms in the shower, tub, or rocking away on nearly any level surface! Control the speed, depth, and angle by going on top of this incredibly pleasurable dildo.


  • Hand sculpted design for optimal pleasure. The easiest orgasm of your life!


  • Great for beginners, the easiest sex toy to use! Great for anal play too!


  • Fun and modern colors!




  • Max insertable width: 4 inches


  • Insertable Length: 5.25 inches


  • Total Length: 6 inches



What Your Peers Are Saying:


“This looked like a fun toy for sticking in the shower and after a relaxing hot shower, an intense orgasm to cap it off! It worked fu*king wonders! I feel like I just left the spa, mind and body in a state of shock and relaxation. Nothing takes away the daily stress and grind faster!” – Molly (New Mexico)


“My wife got this. We wanted to start experimenting with pegging and let me tell you, this is a great introduction! The avant heart of gold is so smooth and with lube was the perfect introduction to pegging. I’ve tried butt plugs before, but was worried about using an actual dildo. Turns out this was a not only an extremely sexy and kinky idea, but brought my wife and I closer! – Derek (New York)


Recommended For:


  • Fast, powerful orgasms from a perfectly crafted design. Easy to use, and easy to orgasm from the bulbous head giving you a sense of “fullness” along with a ribbed nub rolling over your g-spot.


  • A new way to get-off! Stick that suction cup to the mirror and ride away for the hottest scene you’ve ever witnessed yourself in! Stick it in the shower to orgasm while the warm water rushes over your back. Warning: Your shaking orgasmic legs will barely support your body!


  • Ride your partner or have them ride you with Avant Heart of Gold! Super sexy way to start pegging or for lesbians to peg one another. Slides into just about any harness and allows for maximum control!



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