B-Vibe Anal Training Kit



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B-Vibe Anal Training Kit Features:


  • Explore anal pleasure at your own pace


  • Helps prepare any beginner for anal sex


  • 7-piece ultimate set for safely preparing for anal penetration


  • Small premium silicone butt plug


  • Medium fully rechargeable vibrating butt plug


  • Large weighted butt plug


  • Lube launcher to slick things up


  • Anal enema for cleaning before play


  • Travel kit included


  • Free complete guide to anal play


  • All butt plugs are 100% splashproof


  • All butt plugs are 100% body safe and hypoallergenic


  • Made from premium soft and seamless silicone


Anal Training Kit Specifications:

b-vibe anal training kit specs

  • Small: 98x26x50 mm & weighs 35.5g


  • Medium: 134x32x68mm & weighs 88g (USB rechargeable)


  • Large: 137x40x71.5mm & weighs 180g


  • Charge time 2 hours; Use time 1.25 hrs


  • 1-Year Warranty included on all 3 durable butt plugs


B-Vibe Anal Training Kit Design:


Finally, a quality anal training kit we can all use! B-Vibe is one of the industry leaders in anal butt plugs. So, it was only a matter of time until they designed a kit like this!


This anal training kit designed for a few reasons. It really allows any beginner gracefully step into the world of anal play.


Going from zero anal penetration to anal sex or anal sex toys can not only be uncomfortable it can be dangerous if not approached properly.


This anal kit allows one to start with a small butt plug, about the size of a partner’s finger. Using, plenty of lube a beginner should be able to insert this with minimal effort.


Once you feel very comfortable with the small butt plug, give the medium butt plug a try. Going up in stages like this allows your anus to stretch and develop a feel for the larger anal toys.


Wonder what a vibrating butt plug feels like? Once you have made it to the medium butt plug, turn it on and feel the deep penetration vibes. Great for prostate stimulation and anal orgasms.


Finally, once you feel comfortable with the medium butt plug, try the large butt plug for a real sense of weight and fullness. It is large and weighted for pleasure.


 If you can’t get the large plug in first try, don’t worry! Go back to the medium and try the large at another time.


Once you have stepped your way up to the large anal plug you should have no issues with 90% of the anal sex toys on the market.


You should also be well prepared for anal sex with a partner if you decided to pursue that.


small butt plug

b-vibe anal training kit

large weighted butt plug


Anal Training Kit Use:


Although I gave this B-vibe anal training kit a whirl; I must admit I am not a beginner to anal sex toys. However, I was able to compare the quality of silicone, vibration, and grasp the size compared to other anal sex kits.


I can tell you the B-vibe butt plugs are in a class all of their own. Extremely soft almost velvety silicone that twists and flex to your needs. The plugs are frictionless during entry with just a dab of lube!


Since I needed an anal sex toy beginner to give this this kit a try, I handed it over to my male friend. He has only dabbled in anal play and never used toys that penetrate.


Here was his recommendations for using the kit:


This anal training kit really helped my body accept anal pleasure at my own pace! Something, I really wasn’t even aware was available on the market. Instead of piecing together various anal butt plugs, this kit has it all!


I first started with reading the complete guide to anal play that came in the kit. It was very comprehensive and easy to follow. But I must admit I skipped the anal enema step most the time. A warm shower with soap sufficed for me.


I used the lube applicator and wow… That thing works like a charm! Getting your anal cavity lubed up is the most important process in the step.


I worked my way through the various plugs. Spending about a month on each plug. I would use the plug 2-4 days a week for a couple weeks. Then I was able to step up without much discomfort at all!


I still sometimes use the medium butt plug to warm up before the large butt plug. It gives me a piece of mind and plus I just really love the vibes it sends!


I highly recommend it for any beginner to medium experienced anal play users. Just take your time and let the kit work its magic!”


Recommended For:


  • Any beginner looking to “dip their toes” into the anal play world


  • Beginners who want to experience anal orgasms.


  • Men or women looking for practice before anal sex.


  • Those who have tried anal sex but it is painful.


  • Men or women who want to get more involved in anal sex toys (butt plugs and anal beads)


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