BendyBeads by Fun Factory



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Fun Factory Bendy Beads


Fun Factory Bendy Beads Features:

Flexible body-safe silicone

Easy to clean

Great for couples or solo play

Length 10.3”

Diameter (largest bead): 1.3” (smallest bead) .80”


Fun Factory Bendy Beads Design:

These premium silicone anal beads are flexible and designed to hit all the right spots! They are manufactured in Germany, out of 100% body safe material, so they can be left in for hours. They are offered in black or red and are simply gorgeous when pulled from the box. The Bendy Beads utilize a large playful loop on the end that acts as a “stopper” to prevent you form losing them to far inside the body. This loop becomes extremely useful for inserting and removal of the anal beads. With the anal beads ranging in 5 sizes from .80” to 1.3” it is designed for beginners to expert anal play users.

Fun Factory Bendy Beads Use:

These anal beads are designed to be lubed and combine both penetration (in-and-out motion) with staying inside the body to apply and flex your PC muscles on. These are so flexible they can be inserted and worn around like a butt plug, or used to engage in other sexual activities, but really designed for pulling and inserting while orgasming. The Bendy Beads will make your orgasm last longer and feel more intense by pulling the beads out at the exact moment of climax.

Every slight movement in the ring will translate motion throughout all the beads you can feel. You can even place a vibrator in the ring to transmit the intense sensation throughout your entire body.

P-Spot Stimulation:

The beads work well for both men and women but will really stimulate the p-spot in men. Its slight curve will hit the prostate and allow a man to build the sensation until they achieve a prostate orgasm. I recommend going slowly and taking as little or as much of the string as your body desires. To start, take one or two of the beads until you reach your desired ‘fullness” feeling. Anal play is not a race so once they are inserted enjoy other forms of stimulation while slowly inserting and removing beads when desired. Just remember to pull and release during climax for the ultimate orgasm!

For Women:

I suggest using the Bendy Beads as another form of stimulation for a complete blended orgasm. Have them in while you masturbate with vaginal penetration or use them during sex. Either way, the more forms of stimulation the better! It will even feel better with a male partner as it will make your vagina feel tighter, plus he will feel the ridges of the beads during penetration. The last bead is large enough that it makes it a perfect warm up for anal sex too.


Fun Factory the Brand:

We get that everyone wants sex toys that are going to last forever, made from premium high-quality body safe silicone. However, these types of products brought to you by Fun Factory are rarely this affordable! The Bendy Beads are an exception to majority of there products, while it still uses the high-quality silicone that will last, it is marked at an extremely affordable price. 100% Silicone is expensive, product development and design are costly as well. So, if you can jump on a product like the bendy beads while they are this inexpensive (under $50) you should grab them while you still can!




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