Bootie 3 pc. Set by Fun Factory

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Bootie Set by Fun Factory (3 Pieces)




Fun Factory Bootie Set Features:


  • Flexible body-safe silicone
  • 100% medical grade silicone
  • 100% waterproof
  • Phthalate-free material
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for couples or solo play
  • 3 toys for the price of 1
  • Build your experience level from beginner to expert
  • Perfect for anal training
  • Safe with water-based lubes
  • Proven design
  • P-Spot stimulation
  • Comfortable safe base
  • Tapered tip for easy insertion


Fun Factory Bootie Set Specifications:


  • Bootie Small:

– Insertable length of 3” inch.

– Widest diameter 1” inch.

– Weighs 42grams


  • Bootie Medium:

-Insertable length 3.7” inch.

-Widest diameter 1.4” inch.

– Weighs 69 grams


  • Bootie Large:

-Insertable length 4.4” inch.

-Widest diameter 1.6” inch

-Weighs 106grams



bootie set, Fun Factory



Fun Factory Bootie Set Design:

The Bootie Set by Fun Factory is a very clever design. It was manufactured for one specific reason… People absolutely loved the “bootie” butt plug. This was an original design that came out years ago. People loved the simple curved silicone butt plug so much, it turned into an instant hit! However, with so many users, they were all unique. Some wanted it large while others were beginners. So, they came out with a set. This will work for any level of anal play and is perfect for beginners looking to work their way up. Working to larger butt plugs is perfect preparation for anal sex and more intense anal play. It allows one to experience more pleasure with that feeling of “fullness” that each step up can provide.

This bootie set from Fun Factory became a “go-to” butt plug kit for thousands of men and women! It’s perfectly curved short body provides prefect stimulation for men. It gives full body prostate orgasms like crazy! This bootie set is also great for women, its smooth silicone and tapered tip provides easy insertion and loads of stimulation. Leave them in for hours with no worries, and all pleasure!

The base of this butt plug is wonderfully contoured to sit comfortably between the cheeks. Its base is very safe, since it is so much wider than the largest diameter you insert. Plus its hook is ergonomic friendly giving you great control throughout you sexual session.


Fun Factory Bootie Set Use:

So, what’s the best way to use the bootie set? The possibilities are truly endless. You can use them for masturbation, during penetrative sex, anal training, activities around the house, or even in public if you dare! Fun Factory designed the sizes very specifically. A beginner can progressively work their way up through the ranks, or a medium to expert level anal play user can have immense pleasure from all 3 levels (using the first one for teasing and warm-up)! It may take you a year to work your way through them, but that’s okay since they are made from very durable high-quality silicone. If properly taken care of, these butt plugs will last you a life-time!

The other plus side to this, you get an extremely high-quality butt plug at a very good cost. These normally on their own would cost around $40-50 dollars, so buy spending a little more upfront you can bundle deal with these. In case you lose one or wear it out, you have two more!




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1 review for Bootie 3 pc. Set by Fun Factory

  1. Jackie Ramier

    I tend to do a lot of workshops on anal toys, and the FunFactory Bootie is one of my most-recommended anal toys. It was always the right size for beginners, and it tended to stay in the body once it was inserted. It was pretty much a dream.

    So you can imagine how much I’m recommending the Bootie 3 Piece Set. Yes, just as much. It’s been my most-recommended kit for anyone who’s still new to anal sensations and wants to grow their stretching limits. FunFactory took the amazing design of their original Bootie plug and just changed around the measurements to make a perfect “graduate as you need to” kit. The smallest plug should easily be small enough for virtually anyone – even if you’ve never done any anal before. If it’s a tight fit, your fingers will be a simple warm-up to get the smallest in.

    The largest plug is large enough that it can continue to be a useful toy even after you’ve “graduated” through all of the sizes. At 1.6″ in diameter, it’s still a decently large plug that can function as a good warm-up toy if you continue to get larger and larger plugs. The largest plug is also a fantastic warm-up toy for any anal sex you plan on doing. Slide it in an hour before you want to play, and the area will be much more pliable and ready for penetration with a partner.

    Not to mention, all of the plugs are made from a deliciously smooth silicone that FunFactory has perfected. They’re super easy to clean, feel really luxurious, and lubricate amazingly. Everyone I’ve recommended this to has come back to me with vibrant and positive feedback, so FunFactory must be doing something right!

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