Bootie Ring by Fun Factory





Bootie Ring by Fun Factory


Bootie Ring Features:


  • A stretchy silicone cock ring meets our most popular plug


  • Extra stimulating: boosts hardness and arousal


  • Raised area massages the perineum


  • 100% medical grade silicone


  • 100% waterproof


  • Phthalate-free material


  • Flexible body-safe silicone


  • Easy to clean


  • Great for couples or solo play


  • Beginner to intermediate level users


  • Perfect for anal training


  • Safe with water-based lubes


  • Proven design


  • P-Spot stimulation


  • Strap keeps it safe


  • Tapered tip for easy insertion



bootie ring, fun factory


Bootie Ring Specifications:


  • Cock Ring Diameter: 1.69” (stretches to fit most)
  • Butt Plug Tip Diameter: 1.06”
  • Butt Plug Insertable Length: 2.56”
  • Overall Height: 3.125
  • Butt Plug Base Length: 3.1″
  • Weight: 2.25oz


fun factory, bootie ring


The Fun Factory Bootie Ring Design:

The Bootie Ring is designed for men to lengthen and intensify their orgasm! This butt plug is very unique and modest in size. It offers the amazing design of the original bootie plug that became famous by how well men rated it; then added a cock ring on it! This extended silicone ring is attached by a smooth silicone ridge that stimulates your perineum too! With each stroke of the shaft, the ring tugs and stimulates your perineum and p-spot. This is great for solo masturbation sessions or for penetration with a partner. With female partners the cock ring stimulates her clitoris with each stroke as well! It’s phenomenal at pleasing both of you!


The best part about the silicone cock ring is it rests snugly at the base, behind the balls. Due to the pleasing pressure of the cock ring, your body amplifies blood flow making you harder and firmer than ever!


As you move, your motion will tug gently on the toy, sending waves of pleasure from your p-spot, to your perineum, to your firm shaft and balls. It’s the complete package!


Using the Fun Factory Bootie Ring:

When using the bootie ring by fun factory, lube up the tapered tip of the butt plug and gently slide it in. The moderate size should work for even the most basic beginners. Once in, slowly stretch the ring around your shaft and balls. I noticed the cock ring has some serious stretch to it! I wouldn’t worry to much about breaking it while getting your shaft and balls though. However, I do recommend putting it on before you get erect, as that can make things a bit more complicated (however still do-able).

Once you have the bootie ring in and the cock ring on, your all set to go! Its surprisingly comfortable, you really don’t notice that its even there once you get going; you only notice to huge boost in pleasure. Because the base is long and slim, and made from soft silicone, nearly every position feels comfortable. Even when sitting directly on it.

I noticed it could slide out if clenching really hard during PC muscle training. If that’s case, its likely due to over-lubing before inserting. Because the silicone doesn’t have much “drag” to it, you really only need a few dabs of water-based lube on the fun factory bootie ring before penetration.

The possibilities on this butt plug are truly endless. You can use it for solo masturbation to a full body prostate orgasm, or simply stimulate the p-spot while stroking your shaft. This will give you a complete blended orgasm! You can also use it while penetrating your partner boosting both of your pleasure at the same time. Fun Factory just never seems to disappoint, and this bootie ring is no exception!


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