Breathable Gag Ball




Breathable Gag Ball

This breathable gag ball is extremely sexy, kinky, and yet comfortable. My partner and I were tired of gag balls that claimed to be high-quality and were made from great material… but just not comfortable when in. This gag ball was perfect, it’s not only the best diameter, but had holes which allowed my partner to breathe. No more uncomfortable pain and lock jaw with a huge gag ball, this only measures at 2″ in diameter and the holes allow the user to breathe comfortably. Its made from hard plastic which is body-safe and okay to bite into. Don’t forget to include the blindfold, pinwheel, and flogger to make the experience complete!

breathable gag ball



Build the anticipation of whats to come with this erotic gag ball. It’s a great sense of foreplay for both you and your partner.



Breathable Gag Ball Specifications

  • Gag Ball Diameter: 2.0″
  • Strap Length: 26″
  • Strap width: 1″
  • Material: Plastic

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Black, Purple, Red


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