Crystal Delights My Lil Pony Tail




Crystal Delights My Lil Pony Tail Features


  • Crystal Delights My Lil Pony Tail is fun, unique, and sexy!


  • Made from high-quality hardened borosilicate glass


  • 100% body safe glass


  • 100% shatterproof safe design, flared base.


  • Tip tapered for ease of insertion


  • Comfortable and enjoyable


  • Great for role-play scenarios


  • Amazing stimulating sensory play


  • Indulge that wild side!


  • Each and everyone is hand blown glass


  • Made in the USA


  • Waterproof


My Lil Pony Tail Specs:


  • Total Length: 15 inches


  • Butt Plug Length: 3.4 inches


  • Butt Plug Insertable Length: 2.8 inches


  • Plug Width: 1.3 inches


  • Material: Premium hand-blown borosilicate glass




This beautifully crafted butt plug tail is ready to wow… It’s a fun and creative way to mix things up in the bedroom. Fastly becoming a top seller and the ultimate foreplay toy, sure to turn you and your partner on!


Designed and hand crafted out of Washington, USA the Crystal Delight My Lil Pony Tail is a show stopper. Beautiful crystal-clear glass that is safe and frictionless upon insertion, with just a dab of any type of lube.


The tail drapes down in a natural curl, displaying vibrant and wild colors. Nothing is a sexier look for a partner wearing only this…


Each rainbow tail has 5 colors blended throughout. This leads to the butt plug that has a tapered tip for easy insertion, a slender stem that leads to a flared base. This allows it to comfortably rest while inserted.




I must admit I am a big “Suicide Squad” fan and for that reason, I tested the pastel rainbow color. For some reason it reminded me of Margot Robbie’s hair, who was “wildly kinky” and sexy in the movie (to me).


suicide squad


crystal delights my lil pony tail


suicide squad2


It just goes to show the power of a butt plug tail like this. It’s all about your own fantasies! No matter how silly, kinky, or fun they might be, a butt plug tail is perfect at bringing those desires out and then satisfying them.


When it comes to using the Crystal Delight My Lil Pony Tail, the possibilities are endless. Slide it in your partner as fun foreplay. For women, it still leaves vaginal penetration wide open; so let that foreplay get taken to the next level!


Use it for role-playing or sensory play. Take the tail and glide it down your blindfolded partner. They will be confused, tickled, intrigued, and turned on by this, before you even penetrate them with the butt plug!


Imagine how sexy it would feel walking around wearing this. As a male, I was extremely turned on watching my female partner walk around with the tail waving back and forth.


It’s nice to see it’s made from extremely high-quality material too. Nothing more “cheesy” then pulling out one of the cheap low-grade plastic ones where the tail is mess and falls apart.


“This sturdy tail plug is sexy, durable, and will bring a lifetime of pleasure and fun”!


Recommended For:


  • Those who love high-quality tail plugs.


  • If you love role play or want to break up the mundane foreplay.


  • Guys who love to see and penetrate their partners wearing butt plugs.


  • Those who love to dream wild and indulge sexy new fantasies!


  • Check out the Crystal Delights My Lil Pony Tail to satisfy your needs!

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Orange Rainbow, Suicide Squad Rainbow


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