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Why the Dame ARC Is The Easiest G-Spot Orgasm You’ve Ever Had:


Dame Arc Blue


The Dame ARC is built for easy G-Spot orgasms that even the most novice of users can experience.


The bulb head has a pleasant squish and a beaked ridge for targeted vibes, stimulating the vulva or clitoris has never been this easy.


Warm up by gliding the ridge across your clitoris. Roll the soft head along the ridges of your vulva, and explore all the intense sensations these areas have to offer.


Once your warmed up externally drive the head of the Dame ARC in!


The perfect shape and length will stimulate your g-spot with ease. Simply rock, roll, rotate, thrust or steady nestle the ridge along your g-spot. With the perfect design you never have to worry about straining your hand or wrist to experience the powerful g-spot orgasm we all seek!


What’s The Best Part Of The Dame Arc?


It features the strongest motor Dame has to offer! This will give you a deep, satisfying rumble that can be adjusted to the perfect pattern and speed.


Not sure exactly what you need to experience a full body, g-spot orgasm? No problem, explore all your deepest desires with just this single vibrator that does it all!


Dame Arc pink


No need to over complicate things here… This is simple to use, has a simple design, yet it is extremely effective!


Dame ARC Features List:


  • Designed for internal and external use. This helps you get a complete masturbation session. Allowing you to warm up with your clitoris before driving in for deep g-spot stimulation.


  • 5 different vibration patterns and 5 different vibration speeds! You can find the perfect rhythm to sync with your stimulation. Never get bored and allow the highest vibration setting blow your freaking socks off!


  • 100% waterproof so you can take your pleasure to the hot tub, shower, or bath tub! Nothing is more relaxing than drawing a warm bubble bath and melting all your daily stress away with a intense g-spot orgasm from the Dame ARC.


  • Magnetic USB Rechargeable allows you to charge it up just about anywhere, anytime!


  • Medical Grade Silicone that is 100% body-safe to use and allows you to wash easily after each use.


Dame Arc




Total Length: 19cm / 7.5 inches


Head Diameter: 3.5cm / 1.4 inches wide


Dame Arc


What Your Peers Are Thinking:


“Holy moly! This thing is exciting. Very versatile! So many speeds and patterns…. I never get bored. And it’s pretty quiet too!! Also the charge last forever!!! And it’s waterproof!!! I freaking love this thing!”- Dakota D


“Not only does the Dame Arc provide consistent and incredible orgasms, it can be enjoyed solo or with a partner. I’ve had great success on both ends, and the versatility of being for external and internal use adds an extra layer of play. I love this product, and use it every day :)” – Shannon M.


“Highly recommend, my wife’s toes curled with satisfaction from the first time using!!!” – Jason H.


Dame Arc


Dame Arc


Dame Arc


What The Experts Say:


female orgasm


“THE SHAPE IS SO GOOD,” writes an early tester. “I thought I knew where my G-spot was, and then this product actually told me.” And we think many others can relate. This tucked-away erogenous zone is a treasure trove of pleasure just waiting to be unlocked by the right tool.- FastStyle


The body-shaking vibrator, whose stimulation pattern has been described as more of a “rumble,” that comes in two unique color options. – INSTYLE Magazine


“It’s no wonder why the Dame ARC sold out in the first 48 hours…Whew!”- Jessi Diskret


Recommended For:


  • Women who want an easy g-spot orgasm with mind-altering pleasure.


  • Novice users looking to explore the in’s and out’s of their pleasure zone… Literally!


  • If you want a super powerful vibrator that is easy to use that can satisfy yourself or a partner!


  • Looking for an extremely reliable, body-safe vibrator that offers multiple forms of stimulation for full-body, blended climaxes!


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