How The Enigma Is Going To Rock Your G-Spot!




  • The Enigma’s large swooping handle is the most ergonomic g-spot stimulation I’ve ever held!


  • Blended orgasms from dual powerful motors (clitoral and g-spot)!


  • Never go numb with 10 different vibration patterns and intensity levels.


  • Detachable USB charging station.


  • Take it in the tub, shower, pool or sink for easy cleaning because its 100% waterproof.


  • Precise g-spot flexible shaft with broad clitoral stimulating nub.


  • User-friendly 3 button controls, great for beginners.


  • USB rechargeable with a magnetic clip n’ charge.


  • Perfectly balanced weight giving you the ultimate control. Apply hard or soft g-spot pressure instantly.


  • The easiest full body orgasm you’ve ever got. Turn it on, pop it in, and create sweet sexual magic!


  • Leaves you with the most intense blended orgasm yet; my vagina and clit were left twitching for several minutes!


  • Deep penetrating vibes that rock you to the core.


  • Melting daily stress away with one healthy climax after another.


  • Made from 100% body-safe velvety smooth silicone




Enigma Specifications:


  • Total Height: 6.25 inches


  • Diameter: 2 inches


  • Weight: 1.66oz


  • Quiet- Won’t wake your neighbors


  • Charge time 3hrs use time 3 hrs




How Your Masturbation Session Will Become Life-Altering!


You’ll be left laying back in the warmth of your bed, completely relaxed and sexually satisfied after the most intense orgasm you’ve had in a long time.


The stimulation of direct rumbling vibes through your g-spot and clit will have you shaking from the overwhelming stimulation to start.


After a brief moment like this you fall into a pleasurable trance of sexual desire being satisfied to the fullest.


The orgasms come swift and hard, with literally no work on your part beyond rocking the vibrator slightly back and forth.



It’s difficult to find a quality vibrator that just fits and works with your body perfectly. The Enigma’s flexibility and girth satisfy all types of women.



What the Experts Say:





It’s shape and motors work perfectly with my body, I love the angle of the handle, it makes G-spot orgasms effortless, and that is an impressive feat. The materials and build of the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma  are high quality, and the packing is lovely.



I gently slipped it out and just relaxed against the pillows, noticing how easy it was to remove, unlike some sex toys which can feel uncomfortable to take out after orgasming.

Rocks Off Enigma is definitely elegant style meets exquisite pleasure because that is exactly how it made me feel. Easy to use, powerful vibrations, deep rumbling sensations through to my bottom and the perfect fit, what more could you ask for!



Recommended For:


  • Women who love strong g-spot & clitoral stimulation from powerful dual motors.


  • Those who want long, intense, body-twitching climaxes from blended stimulation.


  • Melting daily stress away in just minutes.


  • Leave your body relaxed, rejuvenated, and sexually satisfied like never before.


  • Great for foreplay with a partner to warm up with or finish off with. Nobody should be left with built up sexual tension.


                       *The Enigma goes quick (unlike your orgasm). Click the add to cart at the top of the page to reserve yours now! If you leave the website it will be re-entered into stock inventory. *




Enigma Vs. Normality:


The original Enigma machine was used in the early- to mid-20th century to protect military communication as an encryption machine.


In other words, it was really good at keeping your deepest, darkest secrets.


The enigma allows you to experience extraordinary pleasure. You don’t get this type of pleasure from an “over the counter vibrator”. The Enigma is a special vibrator found at very few high-end retail shops… (Not Wallgreens)


It gives you the versatility to control an orgasm and “edge” near an orgasm due to the flexibility and weight balance. Want to hover right on the verge of a climax for a few solid minutes before spilling over into pure euphoria?


The Enigma allows this intense control. Your hand, or cheap low-quality vibrators don’t offer this opportunity.


*Do not lose out on this incredible opportunity & pleasure! Guaranteed satisfaction!


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