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The Femme Funn Delola Delivers Orgasmic Waves Of Pleasure


Its time to ride the pleasure wave on this brand new vibrator from Femme Funn.


Femme Funn is one of the most reputable brands in the world when it comes to extremely pleasurable vibrators and they knocked it out of the park with the Delola.


The Femme Funn Delola is a dual stimulator that has a ridged core covered in a soft and flexible rippling wave texture.


Femme Funn Delola Pink


Unlike those “ribbed vibrators” you can barely feel, the valleys and peaks on the Delola are very noticeable. They provide waves of pleasure from your core that send orgasmic pleasure signals from your head to your toes.


With the rabbit style textured nub, you can feel the pleasurable ridges glide across your clitoris with each thrust or rocking motion. While internally the curved head rolls across your g-spot with pin-point accuracy.


“There is simply no other vibrator like it. You get the rippled pleasure while blending powerful g-spot vibes with a clitoral booster. It only took me 90 seconds to get off the first time I used it so now I have to start with zero vibration to make the full body orgasm last just a little bit longer!” – Jenna (AK)


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The Femme Funn Delola Features:


  • Dual stimulator with rippling waves of texture designed for a powerful blended orgasm! Flexible to match your every twist and curve.


Femme Funn Delola Pink



  • Super easy to use with just 3 buttons. One button is boost mode which gives 100% power for a short period of time. Build yourself up to the edge of climax and hit this button for the ride of a lifetime… Spilling over into a shockingly powerful orgasm!


  • Splash Proof- Take your Femme Funn Delola and run it under water for the easiest clean up ever!


  • USB- Rechargeable- Charge it just about anywhere with just about anything!


  • 8 Vibration modes and patterns so you can create a unique orgasm every time you use it!


  • Experience layers of blissful enjoyment with it’s thick, textured body and indulge in the many vibrations it has to offer right at your fingertips.


  • 1-Year Warranty because Femme Funn builds quality vibrators that are built to last.





  • Total length: 9.1 inches long
  • Total Width: 2.9 inches
  • Magnetic Click N’ Charge USB included
  • 70 min play time


Delola Reviews:


“My wife loved it! Got her the Femme Funn Delola for a special gift and it’s the most powerful vibe she’s ever seen. I was a bit jealous until she started to let me use it on her!” – Dave (PA)


“Two words… Body Trembling. My legs start shaking at the thought of using it! The textured ridges set it apart from my other vibrators. I love the boost feature that makes my jaw drop and eyes roll with intense pleasure!” – Riva (MA)


“It’s my stress eliminator, when works being a bitch or its time to pay bills… Its nice to just escape it all for an overwhelming orgasm that makes me worry about what’s happening in the moment!”- Jane (TX)


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Femme Funn Delola Is Recommended For:


  • Women who love textured sex toys that deliver powerful penetrating vibes. The Femme Funn Delola will glide, rock, and thrust its way to a super-powerful orgasm.


  • If you love blended stimulation for longer lasting orgasms. This vibe will stimulate your clitoris along with your g-spot!


  • Looking for a more explosive orgasm… Highly recommended for women looking to squirt.


  • If you want a reliable product. The engineering and design around Femme Funn products is second to none. Stop wasting money on vibes that only work a couple times.


  • If your looking for an easy vibrator. It’s easy to charge, easy to turn on, easy to orgasm!


Femme Funn Delola Purple


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