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Why the Femme Funn Pyra Plug Will Have Your Knees Trembling!


Femme Funn PYRA



The Femme Funn Pyra butt plug is the latest ribbed pleasure to come from this world class manufacturer. It comes in a small or large size depending on what fits your style best!


This swirling ribbed butt plug is my new favorite anal toy! It gives orgasmic pleasure before I even decide to turn it on!


To start, simply get it nice and lubed up. Then slowly work the plug in. The tapered tip gradually peaks as the rolling ridges get larger. After this peak it then decreases in size. This allows you to hold it comfortably in place while getting a deep and satisfying fullness sensation.


Its one of my favorite butt plugs to use for slow gradual thrusting motion. Similar to anal beads but more sturdy and it can be left in comfortably during masturbation or sex!


The best part is yet to cum…


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It has 10 powerful vibration patters you can control from a wireless remote! No more reaching back, pulling the lubed up plug out and trying to fumble around with it to change the vibration or pattern.


You’re just one click away from finding that “sweet spot” of powerful vibration and the perfect pattern. The single button remote is very user-friendly and I love how quite the vibrating plug is!


The Femme Funn Pyra also has a suction cup base. This allows you to stick it to just about any hard surface and ride it! You can control the angle, depth and speed of penetration just by how you bounce on top of it!


This will cause your core to radiate warmth as your toes begin to tingle and legs begin to tremble. Delivering some of the most powerful anal orgasms you’ve ever experienced!


The unique shape and design allow for a diffrent anal orgasms like you’ve never felt before, extra long lasting and intense!


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The climax will come easily and feel intense as it rolls through your entire body like a long lasting wave of pleasure down your spine to your toes!  


Femme Funn Pyra Features:


  • Single button wireless controller allows you to change your vibration intensity and settings with a single click! Leave the plug in and control it on demand!


  • Standby mode and memory function allow you to pick up right where you left off! Enjoy a particular setting and intensity? Just leave it at that when you turn it off to store it as the first option when you turn it back on!


  • Small, lightweight, compact. Take the Femme Funn Pyra anywhere! It’s travel friendly and even great for using in public! Just hand your partner the remote and this quite plug is ready to go anywhere you are!


  • 100% waterproof so you can clean it with soap and water without worrying about damaging it. You can also take it in the bath tub or shower for a wet and wild time!


  • Rolling ridges and tapered design allows for maximum sensation and pleasure during entry and removal leading to extremely intense and long lasting anal orgasms.


  • The base is a suction cup that allows you to mount it anywhere, but also flared to make it 100% safe for anal penetration.


  • The material is medical grade silicone making it 100% body-safe to use!


  • USB-rechargeable allows you to charge it just about anywhere at anytime!


Femme Funn Pyra Specifications:




  • Total Insertable Diameter: 1.3 inches


  • Total Base Flange Diameter: 2 inches


  • Overall Length: 4.7 inches


Femme Funn PYRA




  • Total Insertable Diameter: 1.5 inches


  • Total Base Flange Diameter: 2.3 inches


  • Overall Length: 5.9 inches


Femme Funn PYRA




“When I opened the Pyra I thought… This is going to be fun! I could tell by the funky shape it was going to be intense. The ridges felt orgasmic going in and then I let the strong vibration hammer me from the inside out!”


“I got my husband this and I use the remote to drive him crazy during sex. It works well for foreplay, but he loves it even more when I ride him on top with the remote in one hand!”


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