FemmeFunn Ultra Wand

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FemmeFunn Ultra Wand


FemmeFunn Ultra Wand Features:


  • The powerful FemmeFunn Ultra Wand is packed into a new smaller convenient size!


  • 10 different penetrating vibe modes


  • Power Boost Button (one click = max output for 10 seconds)


  • Unique hex texture over complete wand vibrator


  • Flexible 360 degree rotating head


  • 100% waterproof


  • Premium body-safe silicone (velvety smooth)


  • Magnetic Click N’ Charge


  • 3 Unique Natural Colors


  • Simple, Powerful, Elegant, Sexy


FemmeFunn Ultra Wand Specifications:


  • Dimensions: 8” x 1.65”


  • Materials: 100% premium quality silicone


  • Finish: Smooth with hex texture throughout


  • Battery: Li-Po


  • Charging Voltage: 100-240V


  • Charge Time: Approximately 1.30 hour(s)


  • Run Time: Approximately 1.20 hour(s)


Wand Vibrator


FemmeFunn Ultra Wand Design:


The FemmeFunn Ultra Wand is a rechargeable vibrator that’s extremely powerful! This wand is simple, elegant and very ergonomically friendly.


It has flexible head that rotates 360-degrees, making it easy to work the controls and hit flat, broad stimulation across the clitoris.


It features a gentle honeycomb texture on the velvety smooth silicone. This texture encompasses the entire body giving it a unique and pleasurable sensation. I haven’t seen this texture on any other vibrator, and I don’t know why!?


The best part about the FemmeFunn Ultra Wand?


The boost button that’s a specialty of FemmeFunn. This button which looks like a lighting bolt, allows you to go full power for 10 seconds. Absolutely amazing when your edging and looking to climax!


Its compatible with some, but not all, mini wand attachments.


It is 100% waterproof, making it easy to clean but also great for the bathtub! Imagine this, draw a nice warm bath with your favorite bubbles and let the rippling vibes penetrate your stress away!


It also has memory function, so it remembers which of the 10 modes is your favorite, and great with any water-based lube!


Featuring a very handy clip N’ charge USB deign. Allows for fast and easy charging with a USB cord that can be plugged in just about anywhere!


It also has a 1-year warranty from FemmeFunn so you know it’s built to last. Mine also lasts weeks on standby without a charge! I love how I only need to charge it about once a month even though I use it all the time!


Ultra Wand


Ultra Wand Use:


This explosive Ultra Wand will send you into pure ecstasy.


I love the quick charging, long-lasting power it offers in a medium to smaller size wand.


What’s the best part about the FemmeFunn ultra wand to me?


For me, it’s the intoxicating texture that wraps the outer creamy silicone skin. It feels unique and extremely pleasurable. I enjoy teasing my entire body with the wand, working it towards my most sensitive areas last.


I also, enjoy using it with my man. Its fun to let him work me into an orgasmic frenzy before we even start to have penetrative sex! Talk about the ultimate form of foreplay.


Not to mention, wands work on men too ya know!


Make sure to start with a dab of water-based lube on yourself and the end of the wand. This prevents the silicone from dragging along your skin and keeping it to a smooth pleasurable glide!


The flexible head is a must have for my wands. It makes holding it and maneuvering it to the “sweet spot” so much easier. You should be comfortable when you climax, not in any awkward positions.


Lastly, staying hygienic is always important with any sex toy. The waterproof feature on this FemmeFunn Ultra Wand makes it super convenient. Just warm soap and water will work, or a designated sex toy cleaner.


FemmeFunn Ultra Wand aqua


Wand Recommended For:


  • Women who want an easy and explosive orgasm.


  • Want a comfortable, flexible head, with a unique texture.


  • Want easy clean up.


  • Looking to possibly use with a partner.


  • Enjoy the full power 10 second feature for the ultimate climax.




5 out of 5 stars


Amber – July 18, 2019

I have really enjoyed using the FemmeFunn Ultra Wand. I love vibrators but this is the next step up. It is super powerful to be a rechargeable and I love that it is a magnetic charger cable. Overall amazed with this product.

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