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The Flip ORB Will Caress, Suck, and Squeeze Your Cock Into Orgasmic Submission!


Flip ORB Orange


The Brand New Tenga Flip ORB will blow your mind and your cock!


How do they make this magical masturbation sleeve work?


Tenga is the world’s leading manufacturer in masturbation sleeves. They have been around for years mastering the art of getting us guys off.


They’ve done well heck of job too.


This is there latest and greatest gem that will blow your socks off.


The Filp ORB has a soft flexible elastomer on the inside. It uses rolling ridges, waves, and orbs that stimulate your cock in ways you never felt possible.


The elastomer is similar to jelly, you just want to sink your teeth into it… Or in this case, sink your cock into it!


The extremely complex textured inside is organized chaos, taking your cock on a journey of a lifetime.


First it uses a tight hole for you to penetrate (simulating lips), then uses rolling ridges that flow in a specific pattern to hold lube and stimulate your cock from every angle.


Then you will hit the orbs. These jelly balls have a firmness to them that grip your cock as it slides by. Making you feel each and every rippling effect.


As you squeeze the outside it creates greater suction and even more stimulation.


Warning: You wont last long, but it will be the most explosive and intense orgasm of your life. Make sure to finish fully penetrated with a tight squeeze around your lubed-up cock for the most pleasure!

PRO TIP: Try doing a slight twist along with your stroking. It adds yet another variable of overwhelming pleasure! MAKE SURE TO USE LUBE!!


The Flip ORB Orgasm:


While it comes swift and powerful, like getting punched with a face full of orgasmic pleasure… It really taught me one thing… How to control my orgasm better.

Because the stimulation is so powerful, it allows you to train your body and control your orgasm even more!


Use the Flip ORB to build your stimulation until you feel like your ready to pour over and then stop. Let yourself relax, and built it back up again.


By doing this edging technique not only can you have better control of your orgasm the next time your with a partner, but the edging can lead to full body orgasms. The ones that leave you in a state of shock while your toes tingle and back paralyzed with overwhelming pleasure.


When you can use the Flip ORB with great control, you can last as long as you want with a partner and finish on demand.



The Flip ORB Features


  • The best male masturbation sleeve voted on by hundreds of men across the United States.


  • Super flexible Elastomer will caress, suck, and squeeze your cock into an orgasmic state of shock!


  • If you still use your hand… Your in for the treat of a lifetime (you might not leave your room for a week).


  • Blue orbs filled with rippling waves or orange orbs filled with nubs will stimulate your cock like never before.


  • Super easy to lube, clean, and dry! The case flips open allowing you to run water directly on the inside. Just leave it open after to dry, its that easy!


  • Squeeze the pressure pads to apply even more suction and stimulation!


  • Organized chaos on the inside will take your cock on a pleasurable journey. From the minute the tip sinks into the pleasurable starting hole to when your entire cock is submersed, and the tip reaches the surprising end stimulator.


  • Fast swift and intense orgasms will drain your cock. Use this to your advantage by training your body to control your orgasms. Allowing you to last as long as you want with a partner.


  • Amazing for solo play, but who said a partner can’t use it on you for even better foreplay!


Flip ORB Specifications:


Flip ORB Blue Flip ORB Orange


Total Length: 7.01 inches

Diameter: 2.80 inches

Insertion Length: 5.51 inches (elastomer does flex)

Insertion Width: 1.38 inches (elastomer does flex & stretch)

Weight: .91 lbs



Difference Between The Blue & Orange Orb:


Flip ORB Orange and Blue


The Blue and Orange have slight internal differences. The overall shape, size, and user-friendliness is all the same.


The orange Flip Orb uses nubs that coat the orbs and line the walls of the inside. These are bit more firm than the blue Flip Orb.


If you’ve ever said “I can’t really feel the texture on the inside of my masturbation sleeve” the Orange Flip Orb is for you! These firm orbs and nubbed internal you will feel! You will love the overwhelming sensation. The best part, if you want more just squeeze a tad harder!


While the blue Flip Orb feels slightly less ridged and textured it still has an immense flowing pattern that stimulates your cock in an orgasmic gliding fashion. Its called the blue rush because the wave flowing pattern slide down your cock rushing you to the edge of climax.


So, to recap the difference: Orange is more firm texture that slightly grips as you penetrate. The blue is a soft, gliding, smooth texture as you penetrate.


Both provide mind altering pleasure for men, its just a personal preference if you want to blue or orange. I started with blue but after I jerked off with it, I immediately ordered the orange.


I knew if the blue was this good, the orange would be too, just in a different way.


What the Experts Say:


“If you have ever complained that you cannot ‘feel’ the texture of your masturbators, this might be the answer to your prayers. With a liberal coating of lube massaged into all of the nooks and crannies, I got myself comfortable and positioned the opening at the tip of my penis…” -The Big Gay Review


“The Flip Orb has a delicious mix of nobbly bits, ridges and feels so good in use.” – Littleswitchbitch




What Your Peers Say:


“This has quickly become one of my favorite toys! Intense!” –  Cliff S.


“Clever design, exceptionally easy to clean and knocks it right out of the park as far as Big Os are concerned. No hole for suction but pads have replaced that. Probably their best product yet. You did good Tenga…. You did good!” – Darius




***Due to high demand and such a new product, stock is limited. Currently we have 3 Blue and 2 Orange in Stock.***

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