Flip Zero Black



Tenga, Zero Flip Black, Teng Zero Flip Black

Flip Zero Black Features

  • New & Improved firmer material
  • Pronounced Internal details for “stages” of pleasure
  • Stronger suction than any other Tenga sleeve
  • Easy to flip open for cleaning
  • Quick Drying stand
  • Adjustable pressure and suction
  • Entry flap for pleasurable insertion
  • Firm edges give intensity upon insertion
  • Cross rampart stimulates as you break overlapping layers
  • Dynamic orb that springs into action as you glide over it
  • Solid orb end that waits for tip stimulation at full penetration
  • 100% Body-safe materials
  • 100% waterproof
  • Ergonomic and reusable premium masturbator
  • Perfect seal to prevent lube from leaking



Flip Zero Black Specifications:

Total Length: 9 inches

Width: 4 inches

Depth: 4 inches

Weight: 1 lbs

Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

Tenga, Zero Flip Black, Teng Zero Flip Black

Flip Zero Black Design:


The Flip Hole Zero Black is designed to be an intense version of the Flip Hole Zero White. The new design offers more defined internals, firmer material, and a stronger suction. As if the Flip Hole White wasn’t powerful enough… My god! For a tighter fit and more extreme styled textures you wont last to long in the flip zero black. Tenga has 10 years of experience in the male masturbation sleeve industry. They are the industry leading experts and each layer of the flip hole zero black is designed for a specific use.


A new tighter entry ridge, smooth overlapping ridges, into a wild orb that stimulates the shaft just below the tip. Finally, the tip of your shaft becomes immersed in a soft textured orb that creates an intense suction feeling. They said the flip hole zero black was a new “strong edition” and they weren’t lying!

Tenga, Zero Flip Black, Teng Zero Flip Black


Tenga Black Use:


Upon entry you immediately feel the tightness and suction power. If it’s to much to handle you can adjust it up or down by applying pressure to the plastic panel on the outer part of the flip zero black. I highly suggest using a good amount of lube throughout it and immersing yourself into all the gripping twists and turns it has to offer! There is a lot that aims to stimulate the tip of your shaft. The new texture is extreme compared to the Tenga flip zero white.


It doesn’t take you long to understand you have to slow things down. Sliding in at a very slow pace really feeling each layer the black has to offer. If you go to quick it is almost overstimulating to the point of confusion as it is all over in a flash of intense pleasure and climax. My whole body shuddered as I twitched inside, and I suddenly gasped. The orgasm springs out of nowhere and the intense texture left me bewildered with a grin on my face.


Hand it to a partner to use on you or use it on them for the ultimate couples foreplay experience!

Tenga, Zero Flip Black, Teng Zero Flip Black

Recommended For:

  • Guys who want fast, hard, and intense stimulation
  • Those who want an easy clean up after an easy orgasm
  • If you want a masturbation sleeve that works good to use on partners
  • Long last sleeve, that will leave you shuddering and bewildered!


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