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How The Frisky Kegel Balls Changed My Sex Life!


I became obsessed with the frisky kegel balls for a few reasons:


  • The frisky kegel balls allowed me to workout my kegel muscles in a comfortable manor due to the soft, flexiable, vibrating body.


  • Huge waves of pleasure as the weighted balls swayed within me.


  • Super sexy dates with my partner when he would slide these in before we went out.


  • Strengthening my kegel muscles allowed for longer, more intense orgasms during sex.


  • Squeezing the frisky kegel balls allowed me to tighten my vagina (which I needed after having my second child).


  • They come in a single or duo ball version depending on what sensation I am craving that day.


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I started doing kegel muscle exercises a few years ago, and the health benefits just kept coming. Giving me pleasure and more confidence in the bedroom. I continue to do them a few times a month and reap the rewards stated above.


But nobody said you have to use the frisky kegel balls for exercises, they are extremely pleasurable all on their own! There are a lot of days I don’t feel like doing the kegel squeezing and I just slide the frisky kegel balls in for the waves of vibrating pleasure!


They deliver slight waves of pleasure from your core that are what I consider a heavy teasing feeling. Not insane, body-shocking vibrations to orgasm in 60 seconds. These are designed to bring you rolling waves of pleasure over a length of time. Yes, you can build this pleasurable sensation up to a mind-blowing orgasm. The orgasms are like a slow boiling pot of water on the stove, building and building until the ultimate release.


If you use them in this manor and have these expectations, you will be deeply satisfied!


Frisky Kegel Balls Features:


  • Two styles of luxurious feeling frisky kegel balls.


  • Progressively weighted to help increase your core strength.


  • Silky smooth silicone that is 100% body-safe.


  • Comfortable texture that feels amazing during entry. Flexible to conform to any body style.


  • Retrieval strand with Swarovski Crystal end.


  • Hypoallergenic, organic materials throughout.


  • Amazing for couples dates. Vibrations throughout your date!





Single Kegel Ball:

Total Length: 5.9”

Max Width: 1.25”

Weight: 57g (2 oz.)



Duo Kegel Balls:

Total Length: 8”

Max Width: 1.25”

Weight: 73g (2.6oz.)




Both styles are 100% waterproof so take it in the bathtub or shower for some fun water sex!


How I Use The Frisky Kegel Balls


There are so many ways to enjoy these pleasurable kegel balls:


I love inserting them before doing daily household chores. Who enjoys doing dishes, folding laundry, cleaning the sink, vacuuming, or dusting? Let me answer that… Nobody! So I spice up these activates with a boost in pleasure, which happens to be the perfect foreplay for a masturbation session or sex when I’m done.


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I slide in the firsky kegel balls and vacuum the house, with each stride I get amazing sensations of pleasure. When I’m all done, I go right to a clitoral stimulator with the balls in to finish off with a super intense climax!


I’ve used them while grocery shopping, at the movies, reading literotica, dinner with my partner, and in my favorite rocking chair.


If I slide them in and rock in my chair, I can watch porn or fantasies while doing so. Between the constant rocking motion and being super turned on I can achieve full body orgasms that lasts for what seems like 5 minutes!


Your Peer Reviews:


Insertian of the frisky kegel balls is that much easier with lube. I started using these about an hour or so every day, then worked up to 2 then 3 and kept going until I was able to keep them in even while exercising! There is a definite difference in how I feel. Even my guy is impressed with the changes! Overall this is an excellent product and definitely not a waste of money! No more having to rush to the bathroom after a unexpected sneeze and I no longer have to wear those awful pantiliners! -Draonbaby1232


These worked great I’m so tight now never thought it would work this amazing! The frisky kegel balls got me really tight in a matter of a week! – Jo Anne


Recommended For:


  • Women looking to tighten things up down there.


  • If you want stronger, longer lasting orgasms.


  • Looking for a fun and kinky night out with them in.


  • Want something to make boring chores fun and pleasurable!


  • Looking for that slow, rolling waves of pleasure that lead to an explosive orgasm!


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Additional information

Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 7 m

Pink, Teal


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