Fun Factory Boss




The Fun Factory Boss Has the Best Reviews We’ve Ever Seen!


The Fun Factory Boss is at the top of every woman’s wish list.


However, my initial thought was: “looks fairly simplistic, what’s the big craze about”? That was until I got sent one for a review… Damn you’re good Fun Factory… Damn, you’re good!


Fun Factory Boss


It is a fairly simplistic design, but reminds me of a couple other favorites I have, sometimes simple is better! You don’t need 15 vibrating motors with spinning tongue wheels… Sometimes you just need a manageable length cock with a natural, slight curve for amazing g-spot orgasms.


You can insert 7 inches of contoured pleasure with a bulbous head, curved body, and slightly thicker base for deep, full satisfaction.


The thin flared base makes it perfect for vaginal, anal, and harness play. It also acts as a very strong suction cup you can stick to any flat surface imaginable. I love slapping it on my mirror to give my man a show of his life, or in the shower for a relaxing orgasm while the warm water rushes over my back.


Stick it to the ground and mount it like a large man you’ve always fantasized about. You can ride however you want due to the length, girth, and flexibility. Thrust it from any angle, at any speed, to any depth. You are in control!


Fun Factory Boss is made from the highest-grade silicone possible. It’s a medical grade silicone that works amazing with any water-based lube. This allows you to climax with piece and mind of knowing the material is safe and the design is safe. It has a velvety matte finish that feels amazing to the touch!


It offers firm, intense pressure that I really enjoy riding backwards too!


Couples riding backwards




  • Mind-altering g-spot stimulation


  • Perfect length and girth for ambitious beginners or more experienced users.


  • Flared base is perfect for harness pegging, a suction cup, and 100% design safe.


  • Gorgeous, silky smooth silicone that is medical grade quality.


  • Total Length: 7 inches long


  • Diameter: 1.65 inches


  • Insertable Length: 7 inches


  • Widest point: 1.75 inches


  • 100% waterproof so its easy to clean


  • Anal safe


  • 2- Year Warranty


Fun Factory Boss


What The Experts Say About the Fun Factory Boss:


“The Fun Factory Boss is an incredible dildo in all respects. High-quality materials, fabulous design, and a suction cup base. Who could ask for more?! The curves of the head are designed perfectly for maximum pleasure, and the material is simply divine. It’s a great toy for thrusting and fullness, which is a hard combination to come by.”- Slutty Girl Problems


“The organic, slightly curved shape of the strong sex toys practically reaches the G-spot or prostate all on its own. Thanks to the flat base of the fun factory boss is particularly suitable for harness use and also adheres to all smooth surfaces – for never-ending variety in lovemaking! The erotic design and bright colors spoil both the eye and will make you desire even more.”- Fun Factory


Fun Factory Boss


Your Peer Reviews:


“I definitely need some warming up before using this, but I enjoy it a lot. The only reasons I gave it 4 stars is because the matte finish of the product gives it a little drag and attracts lint particles. The suction cup is really nice feature too.” – Erin


“Nice shape, thickness and length, good silicone give special feelings in your hands and
gets warm quickly… I love it…” – Gary


Fun Factory Boss


I recommend The Fun Factory Boss For:


  • Super orgasmic g-spot stimulation


  • Long, shapely, and thicker shaft for your twisted pleasures!


  • Versatile with anal, vaginal, harness, and suction cup climaxes!


  • Slightly more intense than most dildos, making it perfect for more experienced users.


  • Try riding it backwards for a unique and extremely pleasurable sensation. This is the only dildo I found I really enjoy riding this way!


PRO TIP: Fun Factory silicone is slightly “draggy” which some women absolutely love. If you’re not used to it, you may need to apply slightly more lube than you would with a glass or super slick silicone dildo.

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