Fun Factory Bouncer

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Fun Factory Bouncer


How The Fun Factory Bouncer Is Going To Shake You, Rattle You, and Roll You Into An Orgasmic Trance!


Find your rhythm, find your orgasmic trance… The Bouncer dildo has many secrets hidden throughout it that allow you to find a new orgasmic groove!


The Fun Factory Bouncer uses multiple weighted balls throughout that can move, roll, and rattle with you. Its as simple as lubing it up and slowly gliding it in. Find your pace and rhythm of gliding the bouncer in and out and watch it come to life! The weight balls will vibe and create orgasmic sensations at the exact rate and pace your moving.



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Get a deeper and more orgasmic sensation than toys that just vibrate this dildo rumbles and knocks while you move it! So, your slow and steady motion feels very different from a hard and fast movement (both are incredible). Use it on your own, or hand it to a partner, or strap it in a harness! Its thin, broad shaft makes it ideal for harness play! The Fun Factory Bouncer simply gives a unique sensation and orgasm like you’ve never felt before!


fun factory bouncer


I found out the low-profile base also sticks to flat surfaces. This allows you to mount the bouncer and literally “bounce” up and down on it at whatever angle, pace, and depth you desire! The curved shaft and multiple bulging beads throughout make it great for g-spot stimulation leading to some of the wettest orgasms possible!


Specifications of the Fun Factory Bouncer:


Fun Factory Bouncer

Total Length – 7.17 inches


Taped Tip Diameter – .94 inches


Largest Bead Diameter – 1.57 inches


3 weighted rolling balls throughout it. These weighted balls allow for unique rattle and rolling pleasure. Find your orgasmic state of trance by slowly finding a rhythm of all 3 balls in sync with each other as you glide the bouncer in and out.


Great for vaginal and anal play making it extra versatile! The slight curve will give you wet, orgasmic, g-spot stimulation.


Made from 100% medical grade silicone that is body safe and great with any water-based lube!


Large flared base makes it perfect for sticking to any flat surface, allowing you to mount it like a man and take control of the pace, depth, and angle. Hitting all the right spots with just the right force!


Large rolling bulges provide the perfect g-spot massage kneading that allows for a sense of deep and full penetration.


Harness ready for all your pegging desires! Its time to penetrate your partner with an orgasmic dildo that allows you to take control.


What The Experts Are Saying:


“The movement of the Fun Factory Bouncer is accentuated by the weighted balls. The more you move the dildo, the more the balls move. This means that light thrusting is a small amount of sensation, and faster/harder thrusting is a more intense sensation. It’s like a magically responsive toy… Each time I used this toy, I was able to reach orgasm a lot faster than with a standard dildo.” – Elia winters


“This Bouncer Dildo made me really happy and exceeded all my expectations. I kind of feel like a member of the dildo promotion team, but I really think that a lot of people underestimate dildos. So, just try it – especially this one, because it’s extremely good!” – Tess Tesst


“The orgasms I had with this dildo were delicious, lasting a little longer than usual as the balls in the shaft moved with my vaginal contractions before finally settling down.” – Dr. Vixenne


fun factory bouncer


What Your Peers Say About Fun Factory Bouncer:


“Fun Factory uses a unique silicone that offers more “drag” that a standard slippery dildo. I really enjoy this feature of Fun Factory, it allows for more sensation during penetration. If you feel it drag to much, you can always apply more lube as necessary. The bouncer hit all the right spots for me. Giving me an intense, rich, and deep orgasm!” – Jasmine


“The balls in the Fun Factory Bouncer create an internal thundery rumble when I thrust with it and this rumble penetrates well and certainly creates feelings I haven’t previously experienced with a dildo. It is I guess a dildo kegel balls hybrid that does brings something new to the table.” – LSB


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Recommended For:


  • Those who want to try something unique and creative that leads to even stronger and fuller orgasms.


  • If you want a longer lasting orgasm from a thicker, heavier, and firmer dildo that uses a bulging design for optimal g-spot penetration.


  • Looking for something to harness and peg your partner with? Perhaps you want to mount it in the shower or to the floor giving you complete control? Let the unique design give you complete freedom.


  • Want to surprise a partner with a unique and truly pleasurable dildo for the ultimate gift of pleasures!


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