Fun Factory Magnum




Fun Factory Magnum

How The Fun Factory Magnum Will Give You Toe Curling Pleasure!


The Fun Factory Magnum is your ultimate versatile dildo! This “Large & In Charge” dildo is 7 inches of pure pleasure! Its smooth but shapely give you endless nights of pure ecstasy!


It’s Harness-ready, with a super thin base for the closest action possible. The base is also a strong suction cup which makes it handy to mount on any smooth surface!


 This long flexible shaft is perfect for any position. Great for mounting on the mirror, floor, or shower. Letting you take control and mount from the top in a comfortable manor. Now you control the depth, angle, and speed in a hands-free position!


Can you lay on your back and use it like any other dildo? Absolutely! Its limitless the number of ways you can orgasm from the Fun Factory Magnum!


Want to use it for anal play? No problem! The Fun Factory Magnum has a large flared base and is made from 100% premium silicone. That means its design and material is absolutely safe for those mind-blowing anal orgasms! Just use a dab of water-based lube for smooth penetration!


What about in the shower or tub? Can I orgasm from stroking away while I melt the daily stress away in a nice warm bubble bath? Hell yea you can! You name it, this dildo can do it!


The slightly curved shaft and bulbous head is perfect for g-spot stimulation! The length of the insertable shaft will give you deep, full, penetrating satisfaction!



  • Total Length: 7.1 inches


  • Diameter: 1.5 inches


  • Insertable Length: 6.5 inches


  • Designed and handcrafted in Germany


  • 100% body-safe design with premium grade silicone! Get off with a piece of mind knowing its safe for both vaginal and anal use!


  • 100% waterproof so you can enjoy it during water sex or making it easy to wash when your all done!


  • Flexible curved shaft with bulbous head for the ultimate orgasm!


  • Harness ready for pegging your partner with deep satisfying thrusts!


Fun Factory Magnum


What the Experts Say About The Fun Factory Magnum:


“The Fun Factory Magnum has a very delicate curve to the top of its shaft just under the head. This is perfect for reaching G Spot or P spot depending on your needs… I find the depth of penetration so fulfilling. The Magnum and Boss are both a fast track to squirting for me. I can’t use either without a towel on the bed first.”- CandySnatchReviews


Peer Reviews:


“Makes her squirt all over the bed which is a right pain as I have to do more washing.” – Alex (UK)


“When using the Fun Factory Magnum, the curved shape was directly noticeable, which directly stimulates the prostate gland (or optionally the G-spot). Thanks to the smooth surface, it glides well and provides an incredible feeling. I have only experienced that it can become a bit unpleasant with prolonged use. I did not try the suction cup in action, but it seemed very stable during testing.
All in all, I can recommend to everyone to take a little more money in their hands, as the quality here definitely makes a difference.” – Don R (NE)


Fun Factory Magnum


The Fun Factory Magnum Is Recommended For:


  • Great for ambitious beginners or more advanced users. It has a longer penetrating shaft for deep fulfillment!


  • The most versatile dildo yet, if you want to experiment with mounting it in the shower, on the floor, or in a harness for all your pegging fantasies!


  • Slightly curved shaft with a rounded head is amazing for G-spot or P-spot stimulation. Remember to put a towel down first… Things are going to get wet!


  • Smooth flexible shaft makes it ideal for thrusting at all angles, speeds, and depths. Making it comfortable for your orgasm in any position!


Fun Factory Magnum


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