Fun Factory Ocean



Why You Need To Try The Fun Factory Ocean:


The Fun Factory Ocean will become your new fun and extremely pleasurable best friend!




The Ocean is a unique vibrator that offers a powerful motor with a short and stout design. The first rolling wave on the tip is amazing for rolling over your g-spot.


The second rolling wave on the base of the ocean will send broad but intense vibes through your entire clitoris.


This handy little vibe is easy to stow-and-go or pull out at a moments notice. It offers decent girth giving that “fullness” satisfaction but doesn’t require super deep penetration to get you off. The shorter length will land the tip of the rolling wave directly on your g-spot.


No more guessing were your pleasure nerves are located inside; the Fun Factory Ocean makes it easy to send intense waves of pleasure throughout your core.


So, what does that do for me?


It delivers “hard” orgasms. A “hard” orgasm is one brought on by stimulating both g-spot and clitoral; when that stimulation is continued throughout your entire orgasms it becomes strong…


Making your orgasms feel overwhelmingly intense and lasting for what seems like hours.


Fun Factory Wave


Fun Factory Ocean Features:


  • Battery operated making it extremely affordable, yet still waterproof so you can take it in the shower, tub, or pool. Plus extremely easy to clean when done! Just run it under hot water with soap.


  • It’s made by Fun Factory… The German Manufacturing facility is the best in the world when it comes to adult products. These vibrators are built to last with some of the highest grade silicone available.


  • Its designed to pleasure vaginally, clitorally, anally, erogenous zones, or even his shaft! Very versatile and user-friendly. Crafted for all types of pleasure and great at doing so!


  • Wide base allows for safe anal use. With the curved shaft I noticed a unique sensation when I used it anally. My partner and I fight over who gets to use it first all the time!


  • It offers 6 vibration intensities and 6 different vibration patterns. So, you will never get bored of feeling the same sensations. Find the right mode for you and stick with it to full body orgasmic pleasure.


  • Its powerful, super-quiet, and has a long-lasting motor. Take it anywhere and nobody will notice your secret vibrating sensations!


  • This is a very practical vibrator for beginners. While I’ve used a hundred different vibrators and still really enjoy the Fun Factory Ocean, I can see why most my beginner girlfriends absolutely love it.


  • It’s easy… Easy to use, clean, orgasm, and pack.


fun factory wave

Other Experts Agree With Me:


“The Ocean is a really nice vibrator, and for me, it was all about creativity and finding what worked best for my body. If you experiment with different positions, angles, and pressures, you will likely find a combination that works for you. It is a great size and design, made of safe and easy to clean silicone, and really does deliver versatile patterns and intensity of vibrations.” – SluttygirlProblems


What Your Peers Say:


“I tend to go back and forth with insertion and clit stimulation. I love the strong rumbling vibrations. I’m also impressed with the durability. Maybe I just got lucky, but it works amazingly for me.”- Maggie (Lincoln, NB)


quiet vibrator


My Experience:


I thought the Fun Factory Ocean was surprisingly small at first. It nearly fit in the palm of my hand, I thought there was no way this thing could give me that much pleasure.


Rarely do I admit I am wrong, but the Fun Factory Ocean packs a serious punch in a small package.


Due to the way it rolls perfectly over my g-spot while also providing good clitoral pleasure, it took me all of a few minutes for a full-body blended orgasm.


These are my absolute favorite way to climax, and toys that don’t provide multiple forms of simulation like this really don’t cut it anymore.


Its great for beginners, I have given a few friends some as gifts and they all rant and rave over the cute little design and ability to make them orgasm so hard.


It’s a must for any beginner or vibrator collector that enjoys a new way to orgasm!


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Fun Factory Ocean Recommended For:


  • Women who love smaller vibes but intense g-spot and clitoral pleasure.


  • If you want something fun, different, and pleasurable.


  • Looking for a new way to get-off.


  • Want the rolling wave stimulation to perfectly blend throughout your core.


  • Love smaller vibes that are easy to pack and discreet.


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