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How The G Balls 2 Are The Smartest Ben-Wa-Balls Ever!


  • The G Balls 2 offer big vibration power controlled via app (Bluetooth 4.0)


  • Uses Bio-feedback technology, the stronger the user squeezes, the stronger the vibration!


  • Building kegel muscles will lead to intensified orgasms, increase in sexual desire, and return of natural lubrication!


  • Personalized virtual coach to help build your kegel muscles.


  • 6 training courses to work out those kegel muscles.


  • Voice guided app that tracks your daily progress, a fun and creative way to tighten your pelvic floor the right way!


  • Don’t feel like training, just use it for foreplay, building intense pleasure, feel stronger orgasms!


  • Turn boring daily chores into a kinky new fun way to get things done around the house!


  • 100% waterproof for easy cleaning when done.


  • 100% body-safe material


  • Cord for easy removal


  • USB- Charging


  • LED lights


  • Does not require the app to use.


G Balls 2




  • Total Length: 3.22” (82mm)


  • Diameter: 1.22” (31mm)


  • 4 hour run time so you don’t have to worry about it dying!


  • Waterproof so you can vibe in the bathtub or shower too!


  • 3-year warranty so you know it was built to last!


What Are The G Balls Used For?


We get a lot of questions around ben-wa-balls in general. Should they be used for training, for pleasure, or mind-blowing orgasms? How do they work?


Here is the two main purposes women use ben-was-balls like the G Balls 2.


For Pleasure:


The G Balls 2 vibrate, giving you waves of subtle pleasure. You can use them as foreplay, leading up to masturbation, sex, or orgasm from these alone.


Try using them around the house to make boring things much more interesting. I love inserting the G Balls 2 while folding laundry, doing dishes, showering, or cleaning the house!


Why not get some pleasure and train my pelvic muscles while getting some things done around the house?!


I also love to use them while taking a bath. Nothing is more relaxing then sliding back into the warm bubbly water and receiving some internal vibrations that pulsate through my body.


Plus, I don’t even need to take them out to adjust the patterns either, I just do it from the app on my phone. Talk about melting the stress away from the day!


For Training:


A lot of women also use ben-wa-balls for training their pelvic muscles. The old fashion way is use a solid marble type design. You can decrease the size or increase the weight to make yourself squeeze harder to keep them in.


But technology has created something amazing like the G Balls 2 which now as you squeeze, it vibrates for more pleasure and training your pelvic muscles with resistance! This is the best way to train and strengthen your kegel muscles.


Why would I want to strengthen my kegel muscles?


  • 95% of women say it has intensified their orgasms.
  • 80% of women say it has increased their sexual desire.
  • 60% of women say it has helped return natural vaginal lubrication.
  • It will make you feel “tight” during penetrative sex.
  • The G Balls 2 will help you get back to natural state after childbirth.
  • It will help reduce any unwanted leakage.


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How do the G Balls 2 work?


Simply insert the G Balls 2 vaginally. Power it on and vibe away. To train the kegel muscles you will want to “squeeze” your pelvic muscles. The trainer will explain all this through sessions of breathing, squeezing on and off, or holding your squeeze.


Like training any other muscle in your body, over the next two weeks your kegel muscles will strengthen. As they strengthen, you will find it brings a world of benefits along with it!


What The Experts Say:


“If you’re looking for a technologically cutting-edge marvel of a kegel trainer, then this is it. The Fun Toys G Balls 2 has really surprised me with how good kegel balls can be. Forget those £10 plasti-nasties, this is the real deal!” – Cara Sutra


“The G Balls 2 look good, feel smooth and do the job. I like the app set up too, because if you are a bit lazy like me it motivates you to try harder. You don’t often find a product that does what it claims to do, so I’m impressed by these.” – Let’s Talk Sex


What Your Peers Say:


“The G Balls 2 really helped me tighten things down there after my childbirth!”- Jan (Texas)


“These things helped me in ways I didn’t know possible. The G Balls 2 made my orgasms during sex with my partner strong, long-lasting, and he could feel the difference too!” – Megan (Wisconsin)


G Balls 2 G Balls 2


The G Balls 2 Are Recommended For:


  • Women who want to feel “tight” during penetrative sex


  • If you want to receive subtle waves of pleasure while doing anything around the house or relaxing.


  • Want to train your kegel muscles for more intense orgasms.


  • If you want to intensify your sexual drive.


  • Want app controlled kegel balls


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