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Why The G-Vibe 3 Is the Most Versatile & Unique Vibrator You’ve Ever Used!


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The G-Vibe 2 has long been one of my absolute favorite vibrators. So, when the G-Vibe 3 came out I knew I had to have it! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get G-vibe to send me one for testing this time, but I purchased it anyway, since I loved the 2 so much.


The G-Vibe 3 has a world of new and improved qualities! The silicone is now medical grade. Making it 100% waterproof, retain zero smell, and extremely smooth. I noticed it is extra flexible as well, which is a big bonus when it comes to all the crazy ways you can use this vibrator!


It now has a magnetic clip charger, and 3 insanely powerful motors… That’s right 3!As if two independent motors in the tips weren’t enough, they added a 3rd one at the base where the tips split. This is a huge bonus when you have both tips inserted because the 3rd motor lands right at your vaginal opening.


The G-Vibe 3 is designed to be used in over 15 different ways. They send a manual with all the different sex positions and masturbation positions you can use it in.


Here are just a few of them:


G Vibe 3

G Vibe 3

G Vibe 3

G Vibe 3

G Vibe 3

G Vibe 3

G Vibe 3

G Vibe 3


The G-Vibe 3 is the most versatile and pleasurable vibrator I’ve ever seen. It takes both hands to count all the different ways I’ve orgasmed with the G-vibe 3.


The shape allows it to adapt and flex to fit any user. It can stimulate your G-spot, opposite wall of the vagina, and the entrance of the vagina all at once! This gives you the sensation of “fullness” without stretching the entrance.


Allowing you to keep things super tight, but feel the girth within!


It can massage a mans prostate, or a woman’s clit and anus!


G-Vibe 3 Features:


  • Extremely versatile and pleasurable design!


  • The first of its kind. Amazing pleasure for him or her!


  • Full body orgasms brought on by blended stimulation. Vaginal entrance, G-spot, Anal, Clitoral, P-Spot.


  • 100% body-safe medical grade silicone that is super smooth and flexible.


  • Waterproof so it’s easy to clean and you can take it in the bathtub!


  • Odorless- Never retains a smell.


  • Up to 4 hours of operation on a single charge with the G-vibe 3! Use the magnetic clip and charge for easy use.


  • Very intuitive controls. Easy for beginners to use and understand.


  • 3 year warranty- Its built to last and last. Ohh and last some more!


  • Travel lock so you can take it abroad without the fear of it turning on mid-flight!


G Vibe 3




Total Length: 7 inches

Total Width: 3 inches

Max Depth: 1 inch

Comes with user manual & nifty storage pouch.

3-Year Warranty

6 Different Vibe Patterns


Expert Reviews:


“The G-Vibe is a great toy if exploration and versatility appeals to you. It can be used together or alone, with the penis or the vagina/vulva, and provides strong vibrations for intense orgasms”- Emmelinepeaches


“The first way was with one prong stimulating the clitoris and the other focused on the entrance of the anus. It felt amazing. The second was with a cock ring around it to bring the two tips closer together and stimulate the clitoris almost like a rabbit vibrator (external only). It was delicious.Interestingly, my favourite way to enjoy it wasn’t on the list of suggested uses at all. I deployed it like a classic vibrator; using pressure – and both tips – against my clitoris but without the cock ring.” – Venus Ohara


Your Peers Are Raving About The G-Vibe 3:


“The G-Vibe 3 took my breath away in more ways than one… But having one prong in anus while other in vaginally is like a body shakin overload!”- Jess


“I had my partner use it on me. She used it to massage and milk my prostate while the other prong gave me perineum stimulation. Mind-blowing orgasms for him!”- Matt


Recommended For:


  • Women looking to orgasm in multiple different ways.


  • Ladies who want the perfect vibrator to use with their partner.


  • If you want something extremely durable, flexible, and smooth that will provide huge vibes from 3 independent powerful motors.


  • Want versatile & unique pleasure from a sleek looking vibrator.


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Weight 0.94 lbs
Dimensions 4.50 × 9 m

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