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Keep It Simple With The Jil MILA


Some of us ladies require only two things, exactly what the Jil MILA delivers.


We ask for a good penetrating shaft that gets blended with pure clitoral stimulation. Its not rocket science, its what we’ve always wanted.


The “classic rabbit” design has been around for decades, truly one of the first vibrators ever made. Since then, millions are sold every year.


Why so popular?


The classic rabbit design, like the Jil MILA offers the two most powerful and orgasmic forms of stimulation possible (deep penetration & clitoral vibes).


Jil Mila Pink


The Jil MILA does not require the complexity of heating, remote controls, or hooking up to your smart phone just to use. With a single user-friendly button, you can control all the power you desire.


The Jil MILA gives you the basics for exactly what you need. It is 100% Body safe made from medical grade silicone, its flexible and will twist to your every curve, offers 2 very quiet motors that have 10 speeds, and is waterproof for easy clean up.


So, with the basics nailed down just enjoy the pure blissfulness pleasure the Jil MILA gives. It will give you the most intense, and easiest orgasm of your life!


Jil MILA Features:


  • 2 powerful motors that are whisper quiet. Enjoy your mind-blowing orgasm in peace.


  • 100% medical grade silicone that is safe for all body types.


  • Extremely flexible silicone that twists and turns to your every curve.


  • 10 different speeds to enjoy your endless pleasure with.


  • Dual clitoral stimulator for powerful blended orgasms.


  • 100% waterproof makes clean up a breeze!


  • USB-rechargeable so you can plug it in anywhere.


  • Classic design takes things back to basics!


  • Easy to use, easy to orgasm. No smart phone required here folks!


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  • Insertable Length – 5.55


  • Item Depth – 2.5


  • Item Diameter – 1.5


  • Item Height – 9.5


  • Item Width – 4


Jil Mila Purple


Your Peers Say:


“Very powerful! This works better than I thought. I love the pink color too. I use this multiple times a day with positive results.”– Claudia


“Super fun and easy to use. I use solo all the time, but let my partner use it on me too. Rock it back and forth for huge penetrating vibrations.”– Kim


What The Pro’s Say:


“Gently massaged MILA over my clitoris and vulva, enjoying the deep penetrating vibrations running through this sensitive area. Not wishing to orgasm before I had even used Jil MILA internally I gently slipped the head inside my vagina, revelling in the shape that perfectly fitted inside me and the gorgeous sense of fullness that it created.” – Jo Divine


waterproof vibrator


Who Does the Jil MILA Suit Best:


  • Women who want something easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to orgasm with.


  • If you enjoy blended stimulation from clitoral and deep penetration.


  • Want a flexible body-safe silicone that give you a sense of fullness.


  • Back to basics with a classic rabbit vibrator design.


  • Enjoy full-body blended orgasms from the rabbit ears!



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