Le Wand Swerve



How The Le Wand Swerve Changes Pleasure As You Know It


The Le Wand Swerve is a new way of receiving pleasure. This unique butt plug & anal bead combo is designed for multiple ways of having mind-blowing anal orgasms. It’s a 100% stainless steel dual-ended pleasure toy offering a world of benefits.


Le Wand Swerve


Why stainless steel?


This is the most non-porous material available when it comes to sex toys. Its extremely dense which gives it good weight and doesn’t allow any bacteria to cling to it. Simply wash under warm water and soap when your done to keep it very clean and hypoallergenic!


The stainless steel has a unique sensation upon penetration. Cold at first, it seems to shock the body then gradually heats up with each and every stroke. Nothing is quite as hard, weighted, and pleasurable. It allows complete friction-less entry with its ultra-smooth surface. Just a dab of lube will allow it to slip in with virtually no drag! Which is always great for anal toys!


The Le Wand Swerve features a bulbous head that curves, a classic prostate toy for mind-altering prostate stimulation, while the other side has rippling beads that also curve for perfect anal massaging.


This works wonders for both men and women!


How The Le Wand Swerve Works


The Le Wand Swerve can do it all. The double bulbous end is perfect for a full anal sensation, but also targets the P-spot. While the slightly smaller beads can give deeper penetration along with gradual growth in diameter and pleasure.


I love to start with the beads as a warmup. Slowly slide them in and they will curve while getting deeper and deeper. It’s an amazing start to your full body anal orgasm! Once I can slide them all in and desire more girth, I simply swap ends to the larger plug. This will hammer your p-spot into the most orgasmic sensation you have ever experienced.


The plug doesn’t bend, flop, or squish together. Its rock-solid steel! Giving all the firm pleasure I could possibly need. I don’t need something that squishes every time I squeeze my PC muscles together… I need something this going to hold stead and not slide out! The Le Wand Swerve is one of the few unique butt plugs that can provide this sensation.




Le Wand Swerve


Weight: 1.96lbs


Size: 5.50in x 3.50in x 10.00in


Insertable Length: 8.5 in


Max Diameter: 1.27 (double bulbous head)



The Features List:


  • The Le Wand Swerve is double-ended to give you unique pleasure from both ends. Never get bored with the endless possibilities!


  • Amazing for massaging your prostate while the beads provide a great anal warm up.


  • 100% premium stainless-steel! Ultra-unique and pleasurable sensation that is super hygienic and will last a lifetime!


  • Seamless steel that has a polished mirror finish. Giving it a badass look that is very classy too!


  • Run it under hot or cold water for temperature play.


  • The steel is compatible with any type of lube, even oil-based lubes!


  • The tapered beads allow for deep, rippling anal massages.


  • Butt plug allows for a full orgasmic sensation.


prostate orgasm


Recommended For:


Men and women who want multiple forms of anal stimulation from a single toy!


If you like the rigid, hard, and weighted sensation that comes with premium steel toys.


A classy, mirror like finish for smooth penetration.


Men looking for great for mind-blowing prostate orgasms.


If you enjoy friction-less anal stimulation with just a dab of any lube!


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