Lelo Billy 2




How The Lelo Billy 2 Anal Vibrator Feels:


As a prostate massaging enthusiast I was super excited to see the Lelo Billy 2 being offered!



For one, its really hard to find good anal vibrators for men… Extremely hard actually. I’ve gone through a lot of them expecting to offer them on Diskret to our customers but couldn’t offer it after how bad my experience was with them.


Lelo makes some extremely high-quality sex toys for men. The Lelo Billy 2 is no exception. Hand crafted with the thought of the user in mind at each and every step.


The Lelo Billy 2 anal vibrator is relatively thin, making it amazing to insert. Even if you have issues inserting most anal toys, the slim shaft will slide in with ease.


Once in, this anal vibrator is extremely comfortable. There is plenty of length for prostate stimulation and enough girth to give a little sense of fullness.


But the real pleasure comes once you turn it on. The penetrating vibes will spread from your prostate and core to your toes. It’s slim enough allowing you to wiggle it and probe around for that perfect P-spot stimulation.



Its rare to find a anal vibrator that you can feel throughout your core. Lelo Billy 2 shatters this perception giving you full, deep, rumbling vibes from within.


I give it a 10 out of 10 from user friendliness, quality, reliability, and orgasmic potential.


If your ready for mind-blowing prostate orgasms, the Lelo Billy 2 has arrived!


Lelo Billy 2 Features:


  • 8 pleasure settings so you never go numb.


  • Huge vibrating power to rock you throughout your entire core!


  • 100% waterproof. Take it in the bath or shower for relaxing p-spot pleasure!


  • USB-Rechargeable making it easy to charge anywhere, anytime.


  • Slim body and tapered tip makes it easy to insert for any guy!


  • Extra-soft, flexible, 100% body-safe silicone.


  • Whisper quiet so you can vibe and orgasm in peace!


  • Perfectly sculpted for male prostate pleasure.


  • Certified Body-Safe with the highest standard of safety and construction.





Total Length: 6.9”

Max Diameter: 1.1”

Insertable Length: 3.9”

Weight: 3.2oz

Charging: 2hrs

User Time: 4hrs

Standby: Over 3 months!




What The Experts Say:

“To be perfectly honest, this device blew me away, in a good way! I’ve been curious about it for a while, mostly because it looks really cool. In my opinion, it’s one of the sexiest looking prostate toys on the market.

Anyway, I gave it another go a few days later…and HOLY SHIT. That’s all I can really say. – MR. Racy


“It feels very nice to use. As it is not girthy and has a rounded gently tapering tip and shaft, insertion is incredibly easy and the smooth silicone feels very nice as it glides into place. It is free of friction and drag. It is not at all intrusive feeling and does not stretch or feel overly filling and the flared base makes it very safe to use. Perfect for those wanting pure prostate stimulation without other stimuli.”- He’s Naked


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What Your Peers Say:


The Lelo Billy 2 is not just for men. I purchased this for my wife because the shape excited her more than a typical “massager”. This thing does the trick in half the time. Portable, Rechargeable, quiet and waterproof. What more could you ask for? – Ryjil


Is absolutely the best thing I have ever stuck up my bum! This thing is so powerful that you can feel the vibrations throughout your entire body! The control scheme is a bit strange and i feel like could have been more simplified for when you are in the moment. This toy pairs well with a something like a fleshlight or a real woman to satisfy those needs (thankfully my girl is totally into it). I would highly recommend any man to try this toy out if you got the money and care about the way you cum. This thing is a game changer and i wish i would have bought it years ago now! – Cameron




Lelo Billy 2 Is Recommended For:


  • Men who want something relatively slim but decent length to massage their prostate.


  • Amazing for beginner to try p-spot stimulation


  • Huge vibrating power that blasts throughout your entire core.


  • Looking for something for her? This toy is not only for men…


  • Want full-body orgasmic prostate pleasure in a reliable, safe manor.


Additional information

Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 5.43 × 5.43 × 9.65 m

Black, Deep Blue


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