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Lelo Tor ii Features:


  • The Tor ii is Lelo’s Highest rated Cock Ring!


  • Delivers direct clitoral stimulation for her.


  • Constriction around the base of the shaft providing rock hard erections.


  • Naturally delays premature ejaculation.


  • Comfortable and powerful.


  • Extremely satisfying for both him and her!


  • 1 Year Lelo Warranty 10 Year Guarantee.


  • 100% waterproof


  • USB rechargeable


  • 6 pleasure settings


  • Body-safe premium silicone


  • Climax simultaneously!



Tor ii Specifications:


  • Finish: Matte


  • Size: 60 x 42 x 42mm / 2.4 x 1.7 x 1.7in


  • Weight: 30g / 1.1oz.


  • Diameter: 29mm / 1.1in.


  • Battery: Li-Ion 70mAh 3.7V


  • Charging: 2hrs at 5.0V 500mA


  • User Time: Up to 1.5hrs


  • Standby: Up to 90 days


  • Frequency: 120Hz.


  • Max Noise Level: <50dB


Tor ii dimensions




Tor ii Design:


The Lelo Tor ii cock ring is designed for bigger, longer, stronger orgasms for both of you!


By providing him with constriction around the base of his shaft, it will make him last longer, with a harder erection. This leads to mind-altering orgasms!


The vibration simulates both you and your partner! Nothing vibes harder and more powerful than the Tor ii. It will blow your socks off, by rocking you to the core.


Great foreplay for any couple, this cock ring is also waterproof! So take it in the shower, bath, and clean it up afterwards with a quick rinse of warm water and soap.






Tor ii Use:


I highly recommend the Lelo Tor ii for both beginners and experianced users. Its so simple to use, and yet gives such a huge surge of pleasure to the bedroom.


Literally all you have to do is lube it up, slide it the base of your shaft and turn it on… That’s it! With each and every thrust into your partner, they will experience both your rock-hard vibrating cock and the vibrations directly from the Tor ii.


I love using it for foreplay too… Before you even penetrate your partner, slide the Tor ii on your finger and use it as a finger vibrator. Run it along your partners skin and let the vibes get them extremely turned on.


No more sexually frustrated partners… With a cock ring like this you can leave everyone sexually satisfied.


For him, the orgasms are intense and unique due to the constriction and vibrations! You’ll want the Tor ii for every special occasion possible. Or like me, just start using it all the time since my partner loves it as much as I do!




Customer Review:


★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars.

2 months ago  

My partner loves it!

“I’ve used Lelo’s products for years and love them for solo and couple use, but have always felt had that my boyfriend has never had the opportunity to use a toy that is designed to enhance HIS pleasure. I bought him the TOR 2 as a bit of a gamble, not knowing whether he’d enjoy it, and preparing myself for the possibility that he wouldn’t like it and I’d have wasted my money. I needn’t have worried. We don’t use it every time we have sex, but we use it often. He says it intensifies his overall experience, and, importantly, his orgasm. I’m So happy we can be both benefit from the high powered fruits of Swedish design. Money damn well spent!”



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Recommended For:


  • Guys who want to stay rock hard for longer!


  • If you want to completely sexually satisfy your partner.


  • Looking to experience something new and extraordinary with your partner.


  • Want a quality cock ring that comes with a 10 year guarantee from the top manufacturer in the industry!








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