Man Wand Starter Stroker



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Man Wand Starter Stroker Features:


  • Simple, Easy-To-Use, And Extremely Pleasurable Man Wand Starter Stroker!


  • Vibrating Ribbed Constriction For The Ultimate Orgasm


  • “Using Your Hand Is A Thing In The Past!”


  • Don’t Miss Out On The Explosive Climax Other Men Are Getting!


  • Mind Blowing Male Masturbation Sessions


  • 10 Levels of Vibration


  • Premium Body-Safe Silicone


  • Great For Beginners To Advanced Users


  • Easy To Grip


  • USB-Rechargeable


  • 100% Waterproof



  • Elegant, Powerful, and Discreet


  • Textured Inside For Added Stimulation


  • Flexible Wings For Custom Pressure




  • Total Height: 6 inches


  • Total Depth: 2.8 inches


  • Width: 4 inches


  • Waterproof


  • Storage Pouch Included


Man Wand Starter Stroker Design


While it clams to be a “starter stroker” the man wand blew me away, and I have been using male sex toys for over ten years.


What’s so great about the Man Wand Starter Stroker design?




It all goes back to basics on this one. You’re not paying for a million features, and that’s okay. Some men don’t want or need them.


This is a simple penis sleeve that’s easy to grip and has strong vibration.


Slap some water-based lube in it and start stroking like you always have. Instead of using your hand (we’re not in high-school anymore).


Use a sleeve that add huge boosts of pleasure to any “normal” masturbation session.


The textured internal and vibration bring huge waves of pleasure to give you guys a full, deep, mind-blowing orgasm.


It’s time for a unique masturbation session. Break the mundane cycle and start receiving the pleasure most guys already are!


Using this Stroker:


This one doesn’t require a lot of instructions or long in-depth descriptions on how to use it.


How I really enjoy the Man Wand Starter Stroker is pretty simple. First, get turned on.


Turn some porn on or use your imagination. But get yourself erect and ready to go.


Next, lube yourself up and the inside of the man wand starter stroker.


I noticed, if you have lube all over your hand it will want to slip on the outside of the stroker. So, grab towel or wash your hand off after applying the water-based lube.


Then wrap the stroker around your cock, turn the vibration to the desired intensity level and start stroking.


I prefer to start with soft vibes and work my up thoughout the masturbation session.


Also, I start with a light grip around the outside and work the tightness and constriction up through out the session.


By the end I have a good grip on the man wand starter stroker and its vibrating hard.


Leading to a very intense full-body orgasm!




Is it the best orgasm I’ve ever had? Nah, but for the price, it’s well worth the huge boost in pleasure.


And if you’re still using your hand my friend… (shaking my head right now in disappointment).


Were not in the stone age anymore.


We’re also not worried about our mom walking in on us rubbing one out in secrecy either.


Using the Man Wand Starter Stroker is about 1000 times better than your hand…


Plus, its waterproof so not only is the orgasm intense and easy but clean up after is simple. Just soap and warm water wash then let air-dry.


Couples Play:


male stroker



I must admit it’s not only great for solo masturbation.


Test it out with a partner! It can take your foreplay to the next level!


I haven’t used it by letting my partner finish me off with, but it could be used for this as well…



masturbation sleeve



Recommended For:


  • Guys of any experience level who want a simple boost in pleasure.


  • If you’re still using your hand.


  • Want an easy, yet powerful orgasm.


  • If you’re ready to experience the pleasure other guys have been.


  • Use the Man Wand Starter Stroker for extreme foreplay!


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