The Bijoux Multi-Way Body Harness


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The Bijoux Multi-Way Body Harness:

The Bijoux Multi-Way body harness is from the Maze collection and is the embodiment of sexy. It’s a blend of kink, class, and elegance. Just imagine your partners face when you walk in the bedroom with nothing on except the multi-way body harness; their jaw will drop! The quality 100% organic vegan leather is made to be comfortably worn on even the most sensitive of skin.

Not only is the harness soft and flexible but extremely durable. I’ve tested multiple harnesses from this collection, and they don’t stretch or break, even under good force. The hardware is quality and gives you a sense of handmade craftsmanship. This harness will make any women feel confident and sexy in the bedroom. Some women even wear the multi-way body harness over their clothes and out in public. It was designed for this as well; giving you a sense of style and kink everywhere you go!

Multi-Way Body Harness


The designer and co-found of the brand, Elsa Viegas dedicated this line to self-confident women looking for something unique to wear. These harnesses originated in Spain and have that “European Quality Of Manufacturing” to them. Nothing but the best; just look at the attention to detail on the clasps and buttons.

Don’t forget: “Sensuality is an Attitude”!


*One size fits most. (The straps of this accessory can cross at the back. Measures at the waist 37″ maximum and 23.62″ minimum)

*Extenders include two straps with a length of 250mm and width of 20mm.



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Black, Tan


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