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Diskret Multiplayer:


Diskret Multiplayer Features:


  • Premium glass infused with pure gold swirls


  • Sexy gold color changes depending how light hits it.


  • Shatter-Proof Glass


  • 100% Body-Safe


  • Superior design


  • Zero drag during penetration


  • Rigid with some weight behind it


  • Non-porous for easy cleaning


  • Premium Borosilicate Glass


Diskret Multiplayer Specifications:

  • Head Diameter (1.75”inch – 1.5”inch)
  • Insertable length: 3.25” inch
  • Overall length: 4.5” inch

** Our line of products glass with infused pure gold is all hand made. Please understand because its hand blown and not made with a machine, the sizes can vary slightly. Just the temperature outside can vary how the glass is blown and holds size. We do our very best to stay within the given specifications +- .25” inch tolerance.

Diskret Multiplayer Design:

The design of the multiplayer is very unique. It is made from melting down glass and blowing it into the final shape. Throughout this “shaping of the glass” process pure gold is melted and dripped into the glass. Giving it these elegant gold swirls throughout. No two pieces are identical! The gold swirls change in the light from gold to rose gold, even a tint of blue sometimes comes out.

The Multiplayer has a tapered tip to a medium/large size bulb that quickly slips back down, before the final large handle used as a base. The quick tapper past the bulge allows you to clench around this butt plug with ease. The tapered tip also allows you to glide the plug in with just a few simple dabs of lube. The premium glass is easily cleaned with soap and water, plus will never retain any smell like silicone has a habit of doing.

Our goal was to make something that looked as good as it felt. This butt plug is so classy looking you will want to leave it out at night for anyone who enters your bedroom to see! “It’s a jewel… a very functional and pleasurable jewel!”


Diskret Multiplayer Use:

You can use this plug in a few different ways, wear it during sex (male or female) for an extra boost in pleasure! The blended orgasms will blow your mind! Or use it during solo masturbation sessions. Finally, because it stays in with ease, wear it around the house doing daily activities or even in public (if you dare).


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