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Njoy Fun Wand:


Njoy Fun Wand Features:


  • 100% Organic Body-Safe Material


  • 100% Stainless-Steel


  • Non-porous-easy to clean (dishwasher safe)


  • Waterproof


  • Polished to a silky-smooth mirror finish


  • Double-ended for versatile use (anal beads / dildo)


  • Beads Range 1”-.75”


  • Overall length is 8” long


  • Weights 12oz or .75lbs


  • Sleek, Sexy, and Luxurious looking


  • Works great with all lubes


  • 4 in 1 toy (g-spot, p-spot, anal beads, and dildo)

Fun Wand, Njoy


Njoy Fun Wand Craftsmanship:

The Njoy Fun Wand is die casted under extreme heat and pressure, turning molten iron into the beautifully crafted anal bead / dildo you see pictured above. The extreme heat and pressure that it is manufactured under insures the highest quality piece possible. When you invest in a stainless-steel sex toy you are investing in yourself. That’s because the steel will not deform or crack the Fun Wand will literally last forever! They don’t use electronics or batteries… the Fun Wand is virtually indestructible!


Njoy Fun Wand Versatility:

The best feature about this anal bead / dildo is that because of it’s dual ends, it’s extremely versatile. The slightly curved dildo end is great for g-spot stimulation while the anal bead end is great for p-spot play. You can share it with your partner by flipping to the other side! Remember it is not safe to share anal toys with partners, but this one can be flipped to the clean side!

The Fun Wand is curved so that while one is using the anal beads on their partner, they can also service them orally at the same time. This is not feasible with most anal beads due to the angle and rigidity required.

The shape also allows for one to enjoy anal masturbation with ease! The dildo end can be used like a perfectly curved handle. You can use this to thrust in and out for prostate play, which can be orgasmic for women as well! Using the one hand on the handle frees up your other hand, for clitoral play, vaginal stimulation, or penis stroking. Now that’s a versatile sex toy!

Is the Fun Wand for Beginners or Advanced?

This isn’t a sex toy for size queens or super advanced anal enthusiasts. It’s extremely user friendly and can be a really great first anal play toy through intermediate experienced users. It’s a great first toy to use with a partner. It is much less girthy than pure wand (link below) but still equally exciting!


Who is Njoy?:

Njoy is an American brand that manufactures stainless steel dildos and butt plugs. They offer a small collection but most of the dildos are double-ended that gives various types of pleasure and angles. But why stainless steel? Most people don’t think of stainless steel as a great sex toy but it’s absolutely brilliant once you’ve used one. The steel is perfectly sleek and smooth, just a dab of lube and you will experience zero drag during penetration. The weight of the steel gives it a unique and pleasurable feeling. A stainless-steel dildo that has a mirror finish is both luxurious and bad-ass.


Want it even larger?

Njoy does make a queen size of the Fun Wand called the Pure Wand. It is 1.5lbs in weight and has the lovely curve with two bulged ends. Check it out here…







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