Pfun Plug


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Njoy Pfun Plug


Njoy Pfun Plug Features:


  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • 100% Waterproof
  •  Body-Safe
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Non-Porous (easy to clean)
  • Beautiful polished mirror finish
  • Sexy, Chic, Elegant, and Luxurious Design
  • Anal Play: Intermediate to Experienced (beginner sized head)
  • Great with any type of lube
  • Ergonomic handle for control



Njoy Pfun Plug Specifications:


  • 1.25” inch. (32mm) Diameter Head
  • 3.5” Inch. (89mm) Insertable length
  • Weight: 310g (11oz) Pretty darn solid!
  • Large oval handle for great control
  • Bend is roughly 45 degrees. Perfect for P-Spot stimulation


pfun plug, Njoy, Butt Plug



pfun plug, Njoy, Butt Plug



Njoy Pfun Plug Design:


The first thing I noted about the Pfun plug is the weight behind the 100% stainless steel butt plug. I really enjoy the solid build and weight it offers, it gives it a unique and pleasurable sensation once in. The 1.25” head is great for beginners, not to mention its tapered for easy insertion. With just a dab of lube, the perfectly polished plug will experience zero friction as it glides in. Remember with the weight behind it, you don’t need much lube or it will be tough to keep in. So unless you are training you PC muscles for more intense orgasms, I suggest going lightly on the lube.

If you do over-lube it, no worries… just use a position that supports it. You can use this butt plug in so many unique positions due to its amazing angle with double bulbs. Relax and lay on your back, sit up and watch something, your side, or on all fours all provide different pleasurable experiences. This butt plug produces a very deep feeling that resonates all the way through the abs. It works great with the “PC squeeze method”. It provides intense and longer orgasms than normal. Prepare for a level of anal play you’ve never reached before!


Njoy Pfun Plug Use:


For Women, the Njoy pfun plug pairs extremely well with receiving oral sex or using an eternal vibrator for a blended orgasm out of this world! In fact, the most intense climax comes from using this butt plug along with a clitoral stimulator. The pressure of it clenching against your muscles will rev up your arousal tremendously. Remember the stronger your PC muscles become, the more intense your climax will become!

The pfun plug is also really great for casual wear. It’s elongated curve and weight can cause it to slide out while upright. So watch the amount of lube you use, if you wear it casually it will be a PC workout to the max. If you want a plug to wear while going out all day, I recommend the Pure Plug over this one. It will require less of a workout to hold in. But if you want to use it strictly for bedroom pleasure, use different positions to prevent it from sliding out. Like siting up right, laying on your back, or of course on your side.


The Njoy Metal:


The 100% stainless steel will never rust, corrode or tarnish. The pfun plug is expectedly heavy… Most individuals love the weight of butt plugs for it helps with PC muscle control and drives a more pleasurable experience. The metal is an excellent conductor of heat. So, all Njoy products naturally feel cold, even at room temperature. But if you run it under warm water for a few seconds you can experiment with the temperature play.






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