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satisfyer beads


Why The Satisfyer Beads Are Perfect For Beginners!


The satisfyer beads are slightly graduating size anal beads from .8 inches to 1.3 inches. They are the perfect size for any newcomer to intermediate level anal play user!


Each type of bead; both the spheres and diamonds have tapered tips for easy insertion. Experience zero drag upon entry with just a dab of lube. Experience the tantalizing pleasure you’ve always dreamed of.


Then, you can slowly pull the beads back out one-by-one. Stimulating your rectum in the most arousing way possible. With the large loop you can have great control and play with ease. Knowing these satisfyer beads are 100% body-safe.


Weather you opt for the classic ball shape or dare to try out the diamond pyramid shape, rest assure extreme pleasure is just around the corner!


Great for solo use or introducing to a partner. Everything is easy about the satisfyer beads. Easy to use, easy to control, easy to orgasm, and easy to clean up when done!


The Satisfyer Beads Features:


  • Get two style beads for the price of one! These beads come in a set of spheres and diamond shaped anal beads. Start with the basic spheres and work your way up to the more exotic feeling diamonds.


  • Large loop support ring for immense control and safety.


  • Skin friendly soft medical grade silicone. This material is 100% body-safe and organic. Very easy to clean and great with all lubes.


  • Flexible structure and tapered tips make it amazing to use and handle.


  • Awesome for beginners to intermediate users due to the length and girth. Slowly graduating in size with each bead!


satisfyer beads




Weight: 4.2 oz

Total Length: 8 inches

Graduating Width: .8 inches – 1.3 inches

Material: Flexible body-safe medical grade silicone.

Color: Black Set; or Colored Set (pink / Teal)



What Your Peers Say:


This product is perfect for those beginning to experiment and play. Two separate sizes and shapes really helped us ease into the process. Great product for an affordable price. Can’t go wrong buying this product and I highly recommend these plugs to be added to your toy box. -Scott (Birmingham)


The shape of these plugs is very interesting to say the least. Enjoying them so far! Pull whenever looking for additional pleasure! Great for anal orgasms. – E.W. (Flagstaff)


satisfyer beads

How I Love To Use The Satisfyer Beads:


I have a “go-to” use for most my anal beads. It is a technique I mastered back in college when my frisky female partner first introduced me to anal play. Now… many years later and tons of anal toys later, I still enjoy using this technique.


I use the satisfyer beads to build the sexual tension by slowly inserting them once I am already turned on. I continue to play with my shaft and slowly insert the beads as the ultimate form of foreplay. What I really enjoy most is the fullness feeling they give as I continue to stimulate my front side.


Sometimes I have penetrative sex with them in; which is always extremely pleasurable orgasming with these anal beads in. Especially the diamond patter which is unlike any anal beads I’ve used before. The unique sensation is incredible.


However, I find the most pleasure during solo masturbation.




Because I can time my climax perfectly with the use of the satisfyer beads. I work myself up right to the edge of orgasm, then slowly remove the anal beads. As I remove the anal beads they give waves of pleasure, enough to send me over the top!


This is by far the most pleasurable way to orgasm from the satisfyer beads I’ve found. While penetrative sex with them is great, you simply can’t time out the orgasm like that, unless you’re really skilled and communicating with your partner perfectly.


These are great for beginners, but I’ve been using various anal beads for many years and still find the satisfyer beads a great anal toy to use. They are durable, flexible, and easy to use. Great for quick orgasms and a huge boost in pleasure during sex.


satisfyer beads


The Satisfyer beads are recommended For:


  • Both Men and Women interested in anal play.


  • Great for beginner to intermediate anal users.


  • If you want huge waves in anal pleasure during solo masturbation or penetrative sex.


  • Looking for the ultimate edging sex toy leading to extremely powerful orgasms!


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Pink / Teal, Black


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