Chrystalino Seed



Chrystalino Seed Features:


  • Shatter-Proof Glass


  • Cobalt clear eye candy


  • Superior design


  • Great for beginner to advanced users


  • 100% Waterproof


  • Durable


  • Doesn’t retain any smell


  • Dual forms of stimulation (vaginal / anal)


  • Zero drag during penetration


  • Rigid with some weight behind it


  • Non-porous for easy cleaning


  • Use with any kind of lube


  • Premium Borosilicate Glass


Chrystalino Seed Specifications:


  • Total Size: 4.5″ – 11.5cm
  • Insertable Length: 2.7” – 7cm
  • Diameter: 1.2″ – 3.3cm
  • Weight 170g – 6oz


Chrystalino Seed Design:

The chrystalino seed has a unique design unlike any other plugs. It has a slim tapered tip for easy insertion. The bulb can easily be inserted before it slims to a narrow but short neck. This sits perfectly in the anus for serious anal pleasure. It give you a sense of fullness and stimulation. The larger end then protects you from going to far with the butt plug. It is used as a “stopper”. Remember to always insert the smaller end for anal play. Either end can be inserted for vaginal penetration and stimulation. That’s because the vagina will prevent any sex toy from going to far in, where the anus can’t do this.

The plug is 1.2” in diameter making it right in the middle for beginners up to advanced anal play users. It is on the average size for a dildo, but shorter in length than most.

Chrystalino Seed Use:

You can use the Seed in sooo many ways! It can be used for anal play during solo masturbation. Leave it in while you stimulate your front side, this will help lead to a “blended orgasm” through various forms of simulation all at the same time. These are often rated the most intense and longest lasting types of orgasms.

You can also use it with a partner, or on a partner. Use it to stimulate your partner with the seed or penetrate her while the seed is in her back end (or your back end). Really the possibilities of this sex toy are endless due to the fact its designed for both anal play and vaginal play. I do suggest using a dab of lube on the end of it before inserting. Because its glass you can use water-based lube or oil-based lube. With glass you experience a zero-friction surface during insertion.


Temperature Play:

All Chrystalino’s sex toys that are made from the sexy blue glass can be used with temperature play! The glass can heat up or cool down by just running it under your preferred water temperature. Since glass absorbs heat it takes a while to cool down! Don’t forget to throw it in your dishwasher when done for ease of cleaning too!



Chrystalino the Brand:

A fairly new company that has emerged the last few years but determined to drive only high-quality products! The CHRYSTALINO designs are inspired by the Venetian glassmakers of Murano, with the beautiful art of lovemaking in mind. Luxurious, high quality, strong, easy-to-clean, handmade glass wands for both men and women! The wands and plugs that are hand-blown by Chrystalino are an investment in yourself, these will last a lifetime. No batteries or electronics required with these glass sex toys… So, no need to ever replace it!




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