Sex Blindfold




Sex Blindfold


Nothing is sexier than anticipating what might be coming next! That mystery of not knowing can heighten any sexual experience! If your looking to put a new exciting twist on things in the bedroom, nothing is easier than pulling out that sex blindfold! Tease your partner in a whole new manner. If you’re sick of using a “makeshift blindfold” like I was used to doing, its time to invest in something quality. Nothing kills the mood quicker than your on-the-fly blindfold falling down and exposing your partner to the secret you had planned.

This sexy blindfold will conform perfectly to your nose, and made from silky smooth pure satin. It feels great, is super comfortable, and does the job of submersing you into total darkness. Show your partner that their pleasure is a priority. Put the blindfold on them and caress, kiss, lick, and use other sex toy accessories to drive them wild! Goes perfect with a whip, handcuffs, pinwheel or feathers!

sex blindfold


Sex Blindfold Specifications

  • Sex Blindfold Width: 2.5″
  • Laid Out Length: 77″
  • Material: Satin

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