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Sex Crop



I have dealt with a lot of low quality sex crops in the past. As you might already know, nothing kills the mood faster than your cheap flimsy sex crop bending or breaking in too right when things are starting to heat up! I got so desperate, I even resorted to making my own in the past! However finally a company called Ruff-ined has made an amazing crop. This is completely hand made and uses a real leather tip. The sturdy nylon has some flex to it, making it fun to snap and preventing it from breaking. The metal gives it a great feeling and genuine look. Let this sex crop fill your void of continuous low quality, mood killing needs.



Heat up your romantic night & accessorize your sexy lingerie with this sleek & elegant crop. The simple design of this 26″ crop makes it a staple for every toy collection. This sex crop features a black leather tip, black nylon shaft, & metal accents while the black rubbery handle & wrist strap provides for a firm grip. Show your partner just how naughty you can really be! Don’t forget to tie in the other accessories like cuffs, blindfolds, feathers, and pinwheels. It all depends just how far you two are willing to go, but who doesn’t love a little erotic spanking in the bedroom?! Let this quality accessory show your partner your serious about pleasure and play.

Sometimes simple is best with metal accents that gleam in the light as you reward your naughty playmate for their behavior. Sleek and sexy, the Ruff-ined Black Leather Sex Crop is a classic that will remain part of your bedroom fun for years to come!


sex crop


Sex Crop Specifications

  • Length: 26″
  • Weight 2.5 oz
  • End Width: 3″
  • Material: Nylon, Black Leather, Chrome

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