Why You Need The Sharevibe:


The Sharevibe is a vibrating, wearable, double-dildo!


Yea; no more annoying buckles, straps, or velcrow.


Simply slide the Sharevibe in and penetrate your partner!


Amazing for lesbian play or pegging!


Its one of the most ergonomically friendly double-dildo I’ve ever used. Most insertable double-dildos are a pain. They move, rotate, and are hard to control. But Fun Factory nailed it on the Sharevibe.


It is designed to hug you the right way and with a large base, she can enjoy clitoral stimulation while also planting it flat against her to keep it in place.


Simply slide the ultra-strong bullet into the base of the Sharevibe and get ready for intense vibes on both ends! I wore this while pegging my partner and it made me orgasm within minutes (although I find pegging a big turn on regardless).


I require a lot of power and the Fun Factory bullets have always been more than enough to get it done.


The secure hold and powerful stimulation is enough to send you both into orgasmic euphoria. The curved long shaft is great for penetrating deep and stimulating the g-spot / p-spot.


Feel closer than ever to your partner with the Sharevibe that creates simultaneous orgasms!




Sharevibe Features:


  • Wearable double-dildo that is designed for a secure hold. Focus on penetrating not which way it is moving or falling.


  • Focus on the pleasure, focus on pleasing, and orgasming!


  • Ultra-strong vibrations that will rock both of your worlds.


  • German design and manufacturing in one of the worlds best plants. The Sharevibe is built to last forever and never stop pleasing!


  • Looks and feels like an extension of your body. Control it like it’s your very own cock!


  • Super flexible and easy to maneuver into place.


  • 100% waterproof so take it in the shower, tub, or pool. Easy to clean with just soap and water.


  • Made with 100% body-safe medical grade silicone (Fun Factory’s trade secret to success). You can even boil it.


  • Rechargeable, so you can power it up just about anywhere and it will last up to 90 days on standby!


  • Works really well for g-spot stimulation and deep massaging fullness.


The Specifications:


  • Length Of Shaft: 8.6” inches


  • Diameter: 1.1” inches


  • Bulb: 1.5” diameter


  • Designed and handcrafted in Germany


  • Waterproof


  • Rechargeable


  • Medical Grade Silicone


  • Wearable


Why The Experts Agree With Me:


“Here are some tips to use with the amazing sharevibe


  • Lube up and warm up. You wanna make sure there is a lot of wetness and that everyone is aroused.


  • Use with harness if it doesn’t conform to your body style.


  • Try positions where you are not working against gravity like spoons or receiver on top.


  • Keep a sense of humor, it might not work perfect for everyone the first try, it took us a minute to find our groove.


  • Amazing, over the top pleasure mixed with one orgasm followed by another.” – Secret Pleasure Blog


What Your Peers Are Saying About the ShareVibe:


“You can feel everything… It is the closest thing to real I have ever experienced. I know it is pricey, almost out of my price range, but once you get this you will not regret the choice at all. Absolutely perfect in design, weight and quality. The smaller side was a little awkward for me, but my wife found it euphoric, so I’m sure it’s a matter of taste and practice. So amazing, intimate… Next level experience. It’s not like any other double that falls out or hits weird places. Its what you need.” – Kat (Philadelphia)


“I bought this with the intention of using it with my boyfriend, but in giving it a test drive before using it with him, i’ve discovered this will be my new go-to sex toy. The extreme curve and Gspot gives me some of the strongest orgasm.s I’ve ever had. I seriously lost half a day “testing” it. Plus, the rechargeable battery is totally convenient.” – TheRedHead (Reno)


“The wife and I have been exploring the world of pegging for several years now. We started out with the cheap $30 harness and kits and we’re extremely disappointed. We then moved up to the Feeldoe. On of our favorite toys, but my wife had a hard time keeping it “mounted.” We decided to give the Share a try after reading some great reviews. This toy is phenomenal! The usable length is perfect for both of us, and it stays in place for her a million times better. It also tends to arouse more during the act than the Feeldoe did. Overall, if you can get over the price, this is a fantastic toy that will not disappoint.”- Bill (Arkansas)


My Experience With The ShareVibe:


It’s a vibrator that brought me closer to my partner.


Normally we struggle with pegging. The toys slide all over the place, its hard to keep mounted, and while it’s a turn on, we tend to just give up and use another anal sex toy.


But the sharevibe really let us experience pegging like we always imagined it. I started with a harness on this and once I got a great feel and control for it, I now use it without the harness.


I got great at controlling it as though it was an extension of my very own body and he really loves watching me penetrate him from a mirror we have in the bedroom.


Its sleek, smooth, and crafted with the utmost care. The powerful bullet is enough power for the both us and allows us to orgasm nearly simultaneously.


The best part?


These orgasms are g-spot for me and p-spot for him. How does it get any better than that?! The two most powerful orgasms possible going on at the same time from a role-reversal toy. Pegging just became our new favorite activity!


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Recommended For:


  • Women who want control of their double dildo. Something that is finally userfriendly!


  • If you want great vibration through both shafts.


  • Looking to stimulate his p-spot and your g-spot? Or looking to stimulate her with deep fullness and slightly curved for additional pleasure?


  • The highest rated, highest quality double-dildo I’ve seen yet!

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