Tenga 3D




Tenga 3D Features:


  • 3 Different amazing Tenga 3D textures to choose from!


  • Perfectly sculpted ecstasy.


  • Powerful suction abilities.


  • Intense stimulating textures.


  • Jelly, soft, flexible, and stretchy textured feeling that is orgasmic to sink your shaft into!


  • Reversible for easy use and cleaning. Experience 2 different sensations.


  • 100% waterproof, great with water-based lubes


  • Reusable, Antibacterial body-safe Elastomer


  • Drying rack included


  • Beautifully packaged and displayed (high-quality product)


  • Durable for many uses


Spiral spiral


Tenga 3D Specifications



  • Overall Diameter: 1.89 inches


  • Total Length: 4.57 inches


  • Overall Width: 1.89 inches


  • Insertion Length: Stretches to approx. 9.8 inches


  • Insertion Width: Stretches to approx. 3.15 inches


  • Weight: .59 lbs


  • Made from Silky smooth, flexible, body-safe Elastomer


Tenga pile dimensions




The Tenga 3D designs are as pleasurable as they are beautiful. Each one is crafted with different spiraling detail, creating their own unique and pleasurable experience.


They are all designed to be reversible. Use it as it is for an ultra-smooth surface on the inside. Or flip it and experience the unique textured outside in all its glory!


inside out movement


Make sure to use water-based lube on your shaft and inside the Tenga 3D. When your done, just flip it to wash it with soap and warm water. Then set on its stand to air dry.


The Elastomer that they are made from is super flexible, stretchy, and has a jelly like feeling to it. It creates a suction around your shaft that feels like the world’s best blowjob! (now you know why I didn’t leave my room for a week when I first got it).


Want even more suction?


Simply grip the outside tighter for more suction power. The stronger your grip, the more the intense suction. Plus, its open ended so you don’t need to worry about any “ballooning” effect on the end.


The stretch of the super soft elastomer accommodates all sizes. Read the specs above if your worried about it.


The Tenga 3D opening is only about .5 inches to start and 4.5 inches long. But it has serious stretching power. Making it a comfortable yet very tight suction around your shaft. It stretches to fit the largest of men.


It’s a really fun masturbation sleeve offering 2 unique sensations. The design and packaging are expert throughout. I would expect nothing less than perfection when it comes to Tenga sex toys. They have been doing this for over 10 years (the best in the biz).


If you want to start exploring new orgasmic sensations, start with the best designed sleeves yet!



The 3 Styles:





Tenga 3D Spiral



The Tenga 3D spiral is a gorgeous and very unique design. It reminds me of a 3-D printed sculpture (yes, I’m a nerd and own a 3-D printer).


It came proudly cased in what reminds me of a new iphone or something to that nature. Clear see-thru thick plastic with a removal black base. Standing tall on its own drying stand.


This masturbation sleeve is made from winding hexagonal plates, these plates intertwine each other as they spiral up creating detailed ribs throughout the shaft.


The silky-smooth interior is also designed to fit the male shaft perfectly. It’s extremely comfortable and feels realistic to actually having penetrative sex.


It’s tight, smooth, and soft. Not much texture, but is great for warming up to the other side.


Simply flip the sex toy inside out for the textured side. This side is super stimulating compared to the completely smooth side. The extra sensation and variety as tons of ribs spiral across your shaft is intense.


I love finishing in the spiral side, it provides that overwhelming sensation of suction and texture. The perfect balance and blend for the perfect orgasm!




poly masturbation sleeve



This is one of my personal favorites.


Out of all the Tenga 3D designs this one really sends me over the top. The outer texture is random angled geometric patterns (who the hell thought this would be so stimulating?)


Once turned inside out the bulges are in all the right places and caresses every inch of your shaft as you slide it in.


This teasing sensation can be amplified to an intense suction by gripping it slightly stronger. This allows you to customize your experience to when you want more or less stimulation.


While I first thought the design looked nice, it didn’t look as pleasurable. But I was quickly proven wrong after once use. Plus, it’s a more simplistic design so its easier to clean than the other Tenga 3D models which have more nooks and crannies.




Tenga pile



The Pile Tenga 3D started out as my favorite but decreased slightly over time. Why? Simply because I’m lazy and the triangles are more difficult to clean out of the 3 designs.


While the tringles are on the same level and same size, offering slightly less unique sensation I think I enjoyed them the most when I used a twisting motion with it.


Twisting with the other two can be a little awkward due to the design being on different heights. But the tringle is simply perfection.


So, overall the triangle has less stimulation but allows for orgasmic twisting motion. Slightly harder to clean but the juice is worth the squeeze (pun intended).


Once done, wash the Tenga 3D sleeves with some anti-bacterial toy cleaner and make sure they are completely dry before storing. You can use the base of the packaging to let them air dry as a stand.



Recommended For:


  • Guys who want a unique and pleasurable masturbation sleeve.


  • Looking to test both smooth or textured masturbation sleeves.


  • Love soft, flexible, jelly-like sleeves with additional suction power.


  • Use the Tenga 3D sleeves if you want an easy orgasm with an easy clean up!


Tenga 3D video:









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