Tenga Flip Hole White (Masturbation Sleeve)





Tenga Flip Hole White:


Tenga Flip Hole White Features:


  • Top Rated Male Masturbation Sleeve
  • Moderately soft texture
  • Intense all-around stimulation
  • Has a tight canal
  • Great suction power
  • Amazing texture throughout
  • Shield Flap
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Wing Gate (large ribs)
  • End ORB (360-degree full stimulation)
  • Click ORB (first Stimulation entry point)
  • Quattro Wave (waves of stimulation)

Tenga Flip Hole White; Male sex toy


Tenga Flip Hole White Specifications:


  • Tighter canal (I suggest use for those 6” in circumference or less)
  • Insertable Length: 6.5”
  • Case Diameter: 4”
  • Case Overall Length: 8”
  • 100% body-safe
  • Material: TPE with anti-microbials, FDA-approved
  • Phthalate-free
  • 100% Waterproof

Tenga Zero Flip EV


Tenga Flip Hole White Design:


The Tenga flip hole white body is a truly fascinating object. It looks like the internals to a space ship. I was blown away at the thought and intricacy that went into designing this male sex toy. The translucent parts consist of a smooth, deliciously-squishy gel-like silicone. It feels so good to the touch I just want to take a bite out of it! (maybe that’s just me being weird…) At the entrance you have a lip and shield flap that prevent air and lube from escaping.

Next, there’s an orb and series of spheres on one side, the other size of the shaft has more softly-rippled texture. As you push further down the canal it gets tighter, once you reach the “end orb” it will completely envelop the head of the penis; feeling immense suction and pleasure.

Tenga Flip Hole White; Male sex toy

Tenga Flip Hole White; Male sex toy


 Tenga Flip Hole White Storage & Clean-Up:


The Tenga flip hole white is refreshingly discreet. At first glance, most people would not know what it is, especially with the cap in place. It consists of a slide cap and body. You store it with the slide cap on, which covers the entrance and remove the cap before use. This helps keep the internals clean and dust free when not in use.

Cleaning up when done has never been so easy! Just slide the cap off the body to open it. Rinse under running water. You can soap it, just be careful not to use anything too acidic or alkaline as it can damage the material. When done rinsing, place it upside-down on the cap so that it’s propped open and upright in the shape of a tent. After a couple hours, open the body and shake loose any remaining water. Once dry, put the sliding cap back on so it covers the entrance.

The Flip Hole will last around 50-75 uses. The TEP (thermoplastic elastomer) will not last as long as traditional silicone toys. But hey, even if you use it every other day it will take half of year to finally give-way. Use lots of lubricate if you want it to last even longer…

Tenga Flip Hole White; Male sex toy

Tenga Flip Hole White; Male sex toy




Tenga Flip Hole White Use:


I’ve never used a male masturbation toy that was this easy and pleasurable. Just remove the cap, open the body, and pour the lube in. Close up the body and cap. Now you’re ready to rock and roll! The smaller sleeve design is ideal. Unlike big bulky fleshlights this is really easy to handle and control which both I and my partner appreciate. It is designed for people with an average penis length. If you are 6” or longer you can still use it, but it won’t encompasses your entire shaft. If you are under 5.5” you might not hit the last stage of the sleeve, but no worries the first 4 stages are extremely pleasurable too.

On the exterior, you have three button-like pads. Grip your hand around the Tenga Flip Hole White so your thumb rests on the middle pad. As you push in on each pad individually you get an entirely new sensation! Making this an extremely versatile sleeve. Add suction or texture in different locations, as you desire. It feels incredible in every which way! I even started twisting it while working up and down for an added variable of pleasure.

When first inserting you are welcomed by the large pleasurable sphere quickly followed by smaller spheres that line the middle section. This provides rich and attention-grabbing sensations! The best spot for myself was the “end orb”. As the tip gets pushed into this sphere it slides along smaller nubs. This brings waves of pleasure that cause intense orgasms which also seem to last longer than normal.

The TPE material is the perfect texture… Not so soft it melts away and you feel nothing, not to rough that it hurts or causes discomfort. I highly recommend it to any male looking for a huge boost in solo masturbation or for someone looking to please their male partner!




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