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Tenga Spinner Features


  • Tenga Spinner comes in 3 different styles & textures!


  • Go for a spin!


  • Mind-blowing spiral motion during use.


  • Internal coil mechanism makes it twist upon insertion.


  • Intense suction that encompasses entire shaft.


  • 100% waterproof, reusable, and easy to wash.


  • Made from 100% body-safe elastomer.


  • Sink your shaft into this pleasurable elastomer.


  • Tenga sample lube included.


  • Unbelievable, unique sensations with each stroke.


  • Nicely packaged with case for drying after use.


  • Durable, good for over 50+ uses!


Spinner Specifications:


  • Overall Diameter: 1.77 inches


  • Total Width: 1.77 inches


  • Overall Height: 5.11 inches


  • Insertion Length: Stretches to approx. 6.73 inches


  • Insertion Width: Stretches to approx. 2.15 inches


  • Weight: .29lbs


  • Material: Body-safe Elastomer


Model for Tenga spinners




Blue Spinner:


Blue Tenga Spinner



Red Spinner:


Red Tenga Spinner



Yellow Spinner:


Yellow Tenga Spinner

Tenga Spinner Design:


Lets twist, spin, and spiral our way to new orgasmic heights! The Tenga spinner is unlike any penis sleeve I’ve seen. The design is truly genius!


Well, if you haven’t heard of Tenga, you need to check out their long list of male masturbation sleeves. They’re not “one of the best” they are the best! There reputation is built over 10 years of successful masturbation sleeve designs, and very well known throughout the industry.


Tenga has built some really fancy masturbation sleeves that have pop open cases and intense vibrations. If that’s more your style click here.


While the Tenga Spinner is not super high-tech, its built around “the biggest BANG for your BUCK”. It’s cost effective because it’s not packed full of features… but it doesn’t need to be!


The unique design of the Tenga Spinner is all you need to have the most insane masturbation session of your life.


Guys, we all know a really lubed up hand whether it be your own or a partner, feels good sliding up and down your shaft. But if that hand starts twisting back and forth it feels even better, then that hand increases its grip around your shaft…. Let me stop right there.


The three dynamics of the most intense full body male orgasm. You have motion up and down, you have twisting motion, and you have suction. All in a soft elastomer that’s completely lubed up. I couldn’t dream of a more perfect blend of stimulation.


The Tenga Spinner comes in 3 different styles. The main difference I personally noticed was the texture on the inside, and the firmness. Use the guide in the specifications above to help pick, but in order of firmness from soft to hard is blue, red, then yellow.


The stimulation you feel from the texture inherently goes up as the firmness does. The firmer the ribs, waves, and bumps, the more likely you are to feel them. So, if you want firm and bumpy go with the Tenga spinner green. If you want soft and plush go with the blue. Somewhere in the middle? Go with the red.



Tenga Motion Washing the Tenga Spinner Drying Spinner

Spinner Use:


I’ve been ranting and raving about the Tenga spinner since I first used it. I even got most my personal friends to purchase one (they thanked me later).


The reviews are high, and the sex experts have spoken. Tenga has once again designed and built an extremely pleasurable masturbation sleeve.


They call it a masturbation sleeve, because its designed for a male to slide up and down his shaft while the internal twisting design spins it. But what if my partner uses it on me?


It doesn’t only spin and twist when I use it, it works the same as when a partner uses it on you! So, I use it as much solo as I do with my female partner. She loves using it on me as foreplay, the suction gets me rock hard and ready to roll!


Remember to lube the internals of the spinner and your shaft before use. It comes with a sample tenga lube which works great. Otherwise, use any water-based lube you have at home. I do not suggest using an oil-based lube on the elastomer.


Once your all done, just run water down the center. Using a genital soap and warm water seems to work the best. Then set it back on its stand to dry.


It’s good for up to 50 uses. After that, just throw it away. It can start to break down after extreme use. I didn’t notice that on mine at all after 50 uses but it probably depends on how long you use it each session.


Still, using it once a week it would last you an entire year! It’s a very cost-effective penis sleeve for that many mind-blowing orgasms!


The only downfall I had with the tenga spinner is it sometimes ballooned at the top due to air being trapped. I just poked a small hole in the top, that would allow air to release. This worked just fine, if you happen to have the same dilemma I did. (I suggest not trying to poke the hole with your shaft in it)


Recommended For:


  • Those who want to experience a natural twisting motion with intense suction.


  • Men who want a great solo masturbation sleeve, or something that works well with a partner too.


  • Guys who want something extremely pleasurable yet very cost effective, go with the Tenga Spinner!


Tenga Spinner Video:







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