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The Vedo Torpedo will slurp, glide, thrust, and extract the cum from your shaft in an overwhelming body climax!


Jacking off with a low-grade masturbation sleeves or even worse… your hand is like using a typewriter to mail your lover a message.


It works, but its painfully slow, irritating, and a lot of work compared to sending a text in 5 seconds.


Don’t be the guy stuck on the typewriter, it’s the 21st century, we have phones and we have devices like the Vedo Torpedo male masturbator!


This thing has a textured cavity that wraps your cock in majestic-like sensation designed to suck, swirl, and glide up and down your shaft. It includes 10 different vibration modes to supercharge your masturbation and extract ever last drop of cum out of you.


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The Vedo Torpedo is not for the faint of heart, your masturbation sessions will become explosive.


Easy to use, simply apply some water-based lube and glide your cock into the Vedo Torpedo’s ultra-textured sleeve. This alone can get most men to climax, but for the more advanced users turn the deep vibrating power on as you stroke away.


The vibration is easy to control and it works best for edge play. Build the sensation and then reduce the vibration only to build it back up again. Once you decided to spill over the edge, turn the torpedo on full power and let your toes curl as your eyes roll back into your head!


The Features:


vedo Torpdeo


  • Rechargeable & Lightweight: No more lugging around a heavy block to shove your cock in. The Vedo Torpedo is lightweight and easy to recharge anywhere!


  • Fully Submersible: Take your mind-blowing orgasms to the shower and stroke that daily stress away right down the drain!


  • 10 Vibration modes & Triple Motors: Not 1 motor, not 2 motors, but 3 powerful motors to ensure your deep penetrating vibes will stem from your core and radiate throughout your entire body!


  • Super Soft & Textured Sleeve: 3 different textures as your cock goes on its journey of pleasure through the Vedo Torpedo!


  • Glow in the dark sleeve: For you midnight strokers, this cool feature will light up the pleasure zone!


  • See-Thru window: Who doesn’t love to watch their cock get worked in new and extremely pleasurable ways?!


The Specifics of the Vedo Torpedo:




  • Great for the average size cock. It’s not ideal for guys swinging over 7 inches in length and want to go down to the base or have a cock as thick as a white claw can.


  • Easy to clean afterwards, just wash under faucet or in the shower with some soap.


  • 6 inch long insertable length.


  • Total length: 9.5 inches


  • Run Time: 1 hour


  • 1-Year Warranty: This was huge for me! So much junk on the market when it comes to male masturbators, this one was actually built to last!


How It Feels:


The smoothness of the elastomer and sleeve teases and massages delivering a gentler sensation but more arousing than using your hand. As you slide it further down your shaft you can feel the sleeve suck and squeeze your cock delivering a suction sensation like the best blow-job of your life.


The ergo grip keeps it firm in your hand allowing the thrusting, rocking, gliding, and twisting to occur with ease. The inner sleeve is ultra-soft mimicking real life skin. The faster you stroke the more the textured sleeve will grip and grow your orgasmic sensation.


Turn the deep penetration triple motors on and watch your body blast off into the atmosphere. The textured sleeve in combination with the strong vibration is a cock draining dream come true!


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The Expert Reviews:


“Overall, this is the best penis masturbator I have tested in terms of quality, feel and value. For those looking for a stroker with the best feeling and performance, look no further.”-Koras


“I enjoy the conclusion of a great nut-bust with this stroker. The interior can be used as a stand alone masturbator, but the real kicker is in the vibrating base. When jacking off, I like to adjust within the 10 vibration modes at distinctive times. The stroker is powerful, with pulses that really push you over the edge.” – Spectrum Journal


Ideal For Men Who:


  • Have an average size penis (less than 7 inches)


  • Looking for something that mimics real skin with suction and powerful vibrations.


  • Want a male masturbator that will last and has a great warranty.


  • Looking to take their masturbation sessions to a whole new orgasmic height!



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