Spareparts Tomboi Harness


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Spareparts Tomboi Harness:


Spareparts Tomboi Harness Features:


  • Athletic Cut
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • No Bulky Straps
  • Expandable Hole For Great Control
  • Holds Most Dildo Types
  • Zero Chafing
  • Light Weight Breathable Fabric
  • Hidden Inside Pockets
  • Nylon Spandex- Body Safe
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Two Mini Vibe Pockets (vibes not included)
  • Dries Quickly
  • Doesn’t Stretch Over Time


Spareparts Tomboi Harness Specifications:


Available in all black or black/red.

  • XS: 26″-28″
  • S: 29″-32″
  • M: 33″-37″
  • L: 38″-40″
  • XL: 41″-44″
  • 2X: 45″-48″
  • 3X: 49″-52″

Elastic O-ring accommodates dildos up to 2.25” in diameter.



Why This Tomboi Harness:

Spareparts really out did themselves on this one! So many harness options out there but this Tomboi harness is one of a kind. They took that extremely comfortable spandex type material similarly used on leggings and “under armour” material. They then made these extremely flexible, comfortable, breathable underwear that allows you to double as a harness. So comfortable, people wear them as normal underwear all day and then they are ready to rock-and-roll come night time!


Not only is the Tomboi harness extremely comfortable, but extremely functional as well! It will become your go-to harness for keeping the dildo in place. It moves with you and allows you to control your cock as though it were your own! It is also very easy to clean, I just hand wash it and set it out to air dry. After a couple hours its completely dry to put away. You can also machine wash with cold water if you prefer, sometimes just easier to wash quick by hand.


The harness is very true to the size specs below. Make sure to measure around the part of your body where the top of the harness will sit. These are a mid-rise fit so the upper hips/lower waist area is where they will rest most comfortably. Due to the spandex material it will bring out the best look in any butt, with a slight lifting action to it.



Using the Tomboi Harness:


The Tomboi Harness by Spareparts uses an elastic O-ring that very tight and sturdy. It accommodates almost any dildo up to 2.25”. If you struggle putting your dildo in, try a little lube on it first. Over the past year and half, I’ve seen no stretch or wear in material or the O-ring. So, the dildos should never sag over time.

Inside is a small pocket that can hold condoms or lube. It also has two pockets that can hold bullet vibrators that can vibe on your clitoris or your partners during penetration.


Simply slide the dildo of your choose into the harness, although I highly recommend the Wet for Her Five which was made specifically for these harnesses. If you need to, drip a little water-based lube on it first before inserting it. Then slide the harness on with ease. Make sure if fits comfortable and you have control over the dildo. This is where all the magic starts! You will be able to penetrate your partner with ease, and great control (compared to other harnesses). Of course, if this is your first time pegging, expect a couple of times before you truly feel comfortable wieldings a new body part!


Feel incredibly confident and empowering when using the Tomboi harness. The multi-bullet sleeve design is a must try for those who consider themselves to be a power queen. Don’t settle for a bulky strap harness that will turn your sexy night into an embarrassing uncomfortable one.

Dildo For The Harness?

Make sure to check out the Five Jules which was made to specifically fit this harness perfectly!






Additional information


Black, Black/Red


2X / 45"-48", 3X / 49"-52", L / 38"-40", M / 33"-37", S / 29"-32", XL / 41"-44", XS / 26" – 28"


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