VeDo Scorpio



VeDo Scorpio


VeDo Scorpio Features:


  • Cock ring, Ball ring, and Anal Beads all in one!


  • 100% Body-safe Silicone


  • 15” of silky-smooth silicone


  • Body-safe design


  • Constriction around balls and shaft!


  • Provides rock hard erections for him


  • Allows him to last longer in bed.


  • Leads to intense, long lasting male orgasms


  • Gradual shaped beads for all level of play


  • Rings are stretchy to fit all sizes.


  • Release tab on top for easy removal


  • 100% waterproof making clean up a breeze


  • Hypoallergenic


VeDo Scorpio


Scorpio Specifications:


  • Total Length: 38.5cm (15 inches)


  • Scorpio’s Larger Ring stretches from: 4.4cm (1.75 inches)


  • The Smaller Ring stretches from: 3.2cm (1.25 inches)


  • Anal Beads are: 17.8cm (7 inches)


  • The Widest Diameter is: 2.8cm (1.1 inches)


VeDo Scorpio



VeDo Scorpio Design:


The VeDo Scorpio has a unique and tantalizing design! I haven’t seen any other male sex toy quite this style. It offers constriction around the shaft, balls, and is attached to a string of anal beads!


This allows for solid constriction around not only the shaft, but the balls too. Similar to a “cock and balls” ring it allows for maximum constriction. This brings a world of benefits to the male.


Due to the constriction, a guy will last longer, have a much harder erection, and more intense orgasms. The orgasms lasts for what feels like minutes to me!


When brought to orgasm through multiple forms of stimulation, such anal and the shaft can lead to blended orgasms! These are the highest rated form of orgasms among the male community!


So, strap it on and slide the beads in for maximum pleasure. The VeDo Scorpio is stretchy, sturdy, and super smooth. Making it very comfortable.


With the rings in place, each thrust into your partner, or “jack off motion” with the hand tugs on the beads. Giving you stimulation at precisely the moment you want it most.  


Scorpio Use:


The best way to use the VeDo Scorpio is by first sliding your cock through the cock ring. Then pull the ball ring open and place your balls in, one at a time. Finally wrap around and insert the beads till your desired fullness and depth.


It’s always easier to put this on with water-based lube. Don’t be shy, lather up the Scorpio and yourself. Don’t forget you are using 3 sex toys in one! So, lather up the balls, shaft, and anus before playing!


Its amazing to use when penetrating a partner but is also great for solo masturbation! If you enjoy both the constriction aspect and anal play, there is no better sex toy!


The best part about the Vedo Scorpio?


It’s not a “cock and ball” ring and a separate anal bead you use. While you can do this, it doesn’t offer the best feature possible… The tugging of the beads while you thrust!


This is hands-free perfectly timed prostate stimulation!


While there are butt plug / cock rings out there. The VeDo Scorpio offers the balls constriction ring too. This adds a huge boost in the constriction play for any man!


If you haven’t tried the cock and ball ring yet… Your missing out.


Recommended For:


  • Men who love the constriction aspect of sex toys.


  • Guys who want to last longer in bed, and have a much harder erection.


  • If you like anal stimulation or blended orgasms.


  • Want an amazing sex toy to use with a partner.


  • Want a premium silicone sex toy that is safe and affordable!


  • Unique Toe-Curling Pleasure For Less!

Additional information


47mm, 51.5mm


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