Vedo Thunder Bunny




The Vedo Thunder Bunny Will Blow Your Expectations!


Its no secret, women love a powerful rabbit vibrator!


Now only if you could enjoy that pleasure simultaneously, together, all during penetration…


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That’s exactly what the Vedo Thunder Bunny was designed and built for. The same amazing “flickering rabbit ears” is now strapped to the front of a powerful yet very comfortable cock ring for him and her!


Imagine this, strap the Vedo Thunder Bunny to the base of his shaft and stretch the larger band around his scrotum. This will keep the cock ring from sliding all over and holding it to that exact “sweet spot” you find during penetration.


Vedo Thunder Bunny


The flickering rabbit ears will caress, stimulate, and radiate pleasure through her clitoris with each thrust of his hips. The deep rumbling vibes will turn his rock-hard cock into an intense vibrator!


With the double bands slightly restricting blood flow, he will stay rock hard for what seems like hours! So, now you can enjoy that pleasure all night long!


Leaving the Vedo Thunder Bunny on while he climaxes will lead to some of the most intense orgasms of his life. This is from the forced delayed climax building up, along with the deep rumbling vibes penetrating his cock.


Believe me its amazing for her too, the climax for her will be swift and powerful. By keeping the cock ring on her clit while her eyes roll back during the orgasm you can get her to “cum hard”. This is an intense feeling from continued penetrating vibes throughout her entire orgasm!


The Features You Need To Try On The Vedo Thunder Bunny:


  • The dual bands strapped around the base of his cock and behind the scrotum will give him immense control over the cock rings movement. It also will keep him rock hard for a really long time, leading to longer lasting orgasm that feel twice as intense than normal.


  • The flickering rabbit ears with his hard vibrating cock will give her a swift and powerful orgasm. Great for edging her or getting her to “cum hard” through continuous stimulation throughout her entire orgasm.


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  • It can be worn numerous ways to stimulate her clit or perineum! Imagine this powerful bunny throbbing against her clit while you have the best stamina of your life! Plus 10 different rumbling modes will make sure you find the perfect vibe pattern.


  • The patterns and intensities can easily be changed even during penetration on the side of the bunnies head, so you don’t have to stop, look for it, tap it, and then continue. Now its all one smooth motion during sex!


  • Its fully USB rechargeable so you can charge it just about anywhere with ease!


  • 100% hypoallergenic and ultra-smooth silicone is great even with sensitive skin and sterilizes easily during clean up! Its great with all water-based lubes!


  • 100% waterproof. Take your pleasure to the shower and clean up after by just running warm water and soap over it.


  • The Vedo Thunder Bunny is super quiet! No more annoying buzz sound that’s super distracting! The deep rumbling vibes are perfectly humming away instead!


  • It runs for over an hour… and you’ll use it!


  • Flexible silicone will mold to her shape and conform to his. The perfect way to enhance both of your pleasure comfortably.




Main Ring: 1.25” diameter (super flexible and stretchy)

Ball Ring: 2” diameter (super flexible and stretchy)


What Your Peers Say:


“Best cock ring out there! I’ve purchased over 15 different cock rings in my time , but this is the best one I’ve ever used ! My wife loves it . POWERFUL vibration and long battery life.” – James


“I’ve purchased many a cock rings and its always the same old story. You get this overly stretchy silicone band that does absolutely nothing it’s supposed to do and usually breaks after the first use… And then I found this Vedo Thunder Bunny contraption. Finally a cock ring that actually restricts and actually lasts… Carefully getting the boys in though, one slip and instant stomach ache.. Unless you’re in to that sorta thing. No judgement here. I thought wow this feels great and my wife absolutely loved it when I wore it. Finally I had competition with her toys. My ticket to nookie whenever and whereever….” -CT


If you want to blow her mind with orgasmic vibes while still penetrating her with a rock-hard cock, this bunny can do it all. Flickering her clit into a teasing stimulation until it builds into a body-shaking orgasm…


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The Vedo Thunder Bunny continues to be a #1 selling cock ring for couples worldwide!


***Black Color Has A Very Limited Supply***

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Black, Purple


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