Womanizer Duo




Womanizer Duo Features:


    • Brand New Dual Action Womanizer Duo!


    • Pleasure Air Technology (pulsating sucking sensation)


    • Ultimate Clitoral Stimulator


    • Dual Independent Motor Controls


    • Powerful Curved G-Spot Vibrators


    • Perfect For Multiple Orgasms


    • A Symphony Of Blended Pleasure


    • Suction 12 Intensity Levels


    • 10 Vibration Modes


    • Womanizer Duo Will Run for 2+ hours


    • New Ergonomic Design


    • 100% Waterproof (You’re Going To Need It!)


    • 100% Body-Safe Material


    • USB-Rechargeable


    • Labeled The “90 Second Orgasm Toy”


    • Luxury case and accessories included


    • Whisper Quiet


  • Featured in Cosmo,Refinery29,Buzzfeed, Woman’s Health…


womanizer duo


Womanizer Duo Specifications:


    • Total Length: 8 inches


    • Insertable Length: 3 inches


    • Width: 4.72 inches


    • Insertable width: 1.25 inches


    • Volume: 3 out of 10 (where 1 is nearly silent)


    • Intensity: 9 out of 10 (where 10 will blow your socks off)


    • Two-year warranty


    • Phthalate-free, Non- Porous


    • Magnetic USB Quick Charge


  • Dual Motor

womanizer duo button

In The Box:


    • Womanizer Duo


    • 2 x Silicone stimulation heads


    • USB magnetic Clip N’ Charge cable


    • High Quality Silk Storage Bag


    • Operating Instructions and Manual


  • Silicone head color that matches the product


Womainzer Duo Design:



What’s all the Rave about with the Womanizer Duo? Is this the most pleasurable sex toy for women yet? The fact we are questioning it, makes it at the top of my list. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better than the Womanizer Inside Out…. This glorious thing showed up on my front doorstep. You know how difficult it is to get anything done around here now? Just knowing at any given time, I have multiple intense orgasms waiting in my dresser drawer!




This feature packed toy has 6 distinctive buttons that are easy to use. Each button has its own specific function. No more scrolling through hundreds of options with a single click at a time. On the back just above the charging port is the Womanizer Duo on / off switch. Click it and you will see the LED feedback showing it is on, through a glow inside the clitoral stimulator. Click it again to simply turn it off.

Due to the smart silence feature, the duo actually won’t vibrate until the silicone head is placed on your clit! On the front you have two buttons that control the intensity of the g-spot arm up and down, and two that control the intensity of the clitoral stimulator up and down. The top button shaped like a diamond is your vibration patterns for the g-spot arm. You have in total 12 levels of intensity for vibration and suction plus 10 different vibration patterns.


-Pulse Air Technology:


The Pulse Air Technology is what made the Womanizer famous in the beginning. It provides pulsating suction from light to very intense. In a sense it feels like someone is sucking on your clitoris! Which not only provides extremely fast full-body orgasms, but most women surveyed were able to achieve multiple orgasms in a single session! With 12 different levels of independent intensity, start with the tip on the inside of your wrist. This is a sensitive area and great for testing out the power before applying to your clitoris. Don’t be shy on lube as well, it helps completely seal the tip around your clitoris.


-Vibrating Arm:


The vibrating arm is thicker and has a more bulbous head than the Womanizer Inside Out. Which applies spectacular pressure to your G-spot. Try warming up with just the vibrating arm as a form of foreplay. This vibration is extremely pleasurable all on its own! Then when you’re ready, flip on the clitoral stimulator to send your body over the top!


-Blended Orgasms:


So, what’s the advantage of having the vibrating arm and clitoral stimulator on the Womanizer Duo? Having multiple forms of intense stimulation at the same time can lead to blended orgasms. A blended orgasm is the highest rated form of climax according to women in the U.S. The only way you can get it is by climaxing while stimulating multiple zones at once… In this case G-spot and clitorally. These are full body, eye-rolling orgasms that with most sex toys are very hard to achieve. That’s what makes the Womanizer Duo so unique. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s extremely pleasurable.


Duo Use:



The Womanizer Duo was great to use for solo masturbation sessions. But don’t forget about using it with a partner too! Let your partner warm you up with it, or give it to your partner as a gift. No sex toy is designed to be used solo every time! If your partner climaxes before you, let them finish you off with the Duo. It only takes a matter of seconds and hey… Why not leave everyone sexual satisfied?!


womanizer duo couple


-The First Time:


The first time I used the Womanizer Duo I was shocked. I know it is the latest and greatest model, but I didn’t expect to ever find a clitoral stimulator I liked better than the Womanizer Inside Out. It applied wonderful deep penetrating vibes on my g-spot which alone would have been enough to send me over the top, but having the clitoral stimulator on at the same time was like nothing I’ve experienced before. The new ergonomic design made it so easy to control and twist to my ever desire.

Even on the lowest setting I found myself orgasming within a few minutes. When I ramped up the intensity the orgasms were coming within less than a minute! I lost count of how many times I climaxed in the first session but it was more than any other sex toy I’ve ever used.


-Bring the Noise


The patterns on the vibrating arm were very fun to play with, and I was impressed on just how quiet they were. You think very powerful dual motor vibrator you don’t imagine a sex toy this quiet! The smart silence is nifty and actually useful. Pull the tip off your clit and it goes completely silent… How beautiful is that! You can’t hear it through a single closed door, but I can’t guarantee the loudness of your moaning!




If you squeeze your thighs around it, like I do when in the bath tub… it becomes a hands-free orgasm! It takes a bit of practice but when lined up just right, you can let go of the womanizer duo all together! I almost find it as a lazy masturbating orgasm! Ha! Just lay back and enjoy the waves of pleasure… It’s almost too easy! No grinding, thrusting, or humping required on this vibrator.


-Clean Up!


Clean up is a breeze! Due to the sleek shape, it doesn’t have much crevice’s to hide bacteria. The material is extremely high quality and the toy is water-tight. Just use some soap and warm water after each use. Then throw it in the silk storage pouch to keep it dust free between uses! Nothing special required to clean it, but I have taken a toothbrush to the suction head every once in a while. Just peel the head off to clean good under it as well.


Womanizer Duo vs. Womanizer Inside Out:


The Womanizer Duo is slightly bigger than the Womanizer Inside Out (about 1.5 inches). This is due to the vibrating arm being slightly longer and straighter. The vibrating arm on the Duo has a slightly thicker and more bulbous head than the Womanizer Inside Out.

The more obvious differences are the buttons. The Womanizer Duo has much more intuitive controls. They can get a bit hard to control and tell the difference with the Womanizer Inside Out. The Womanizer Duo also has two extra features that the Womanizer Inside Out doesn’t. The first being the smart silence feature, which I really enjoyed! This allows the suction power to shut off when not in contact with your clitoris. Not having the continues rumbles when you don’t need them makes the entire experience more enjoyable. The second new feature is that vibrating arm now has the option of ten different patterns which you can scroll through using a separate button from the ones that control intensity of vibration. Overall the Duo is a big improvement!


womanizer inside out



Recommended For:


  • Women who have difficulty orgasming
  • Men who want to blow their female partner away
  • If you’re looking for an intense blended orgasm
  • Want something quick and easy
  • Looking for multiple orgasms in a single session
  • Want a truly unique and special gift


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