Womanizer Inside Out


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Womanizer Inside Out:

**Product replaced with Improved Womanizer DUO Click Here!**

Womanizer Inside Out Features:

  • Dual G-spot & clitoris stimulation
  • 12 different intensity levels for vibration
  • 12 different intensity levels of suction power.
  • Pulse wave technology simulates the “sucking” motion
  • Dubbed the “90 second orgasm machine”
  • Featured in Cosmo, Refinery29, Buzzfeed, Woman’s Health… list goes on
  • One of the highest rated and recommend sex toys of this year!
  • Luxury case and accessories included
  • Whisper quiet
  • Velvety medical-grade body-safe silicone
  • Works with all lubes
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Ergonomically Shaped
  • USB-Rechargeable


Womanizer Inside Out


Womanizer Inside Out Specifications:

  • Material: ABS, Silicone Skin
  • Material stimulation head: hypoallergenic medical silicone
  • Size: 192 x 120 mm
  • Weight: 240 g
  • The inside out is the first Womanizer that offers internal stimulation as well as external.
  • The shape is sleek and extremely effective.

Womanizer Inside Out


Womanizer Inside Out

Womanizer Inside Out Comes With:

  • Womanizer InsideOut with stimulation head
  • Extra stimulation head in bigger size
  • USB charging cable (magnetic pins)
  • Power adapter
  • Operating instruction
  • Luxurious leather like packaging
  • High quality bag for storage


Womanizer Inside Out Design:

The Womanizer Inside out takes the classic womanizer design and adds a second form of stimulation! The inside out now has a vibrating dildo that stimulates the g-spot along with the clitoral pulse wave sucking power. This Pleasure Air Technology enables women to experience an orgasm in a matter of minutes. With independent control of the vibration intensity and suction power you will find a setting just right for you. The inside out screams quality and luxury. It has the smoothest black velvet silicone I’ve ever felt. It comes with a magnet snap USB charging port, power adapter, operating instructions, and a black leather hand bag.

This was the most beautifully presented Womanizer I’ve ever seen and opened. Taking it out of the packaging you feel spoiled and like you should be waiting for a special occasion or something.

Womanizer Inside Out

Womanizer Inside Out

Womanizer Inside Out Use:

It takes about 2 hours to fully charge and then provides pleasure for at least 2 hours depending on the intensity level your running it at. The control buttons are user friendly and intuitive, but it does come with a set of handy directions. There are two sperate motors that can be controlled individually. One motor controls the air pressure for the clitoral stimulation function and the other one runs the vibrator for dedicated g-spot stimulation. Both of which have their own 12 different intensities.

The Womanizer inside out sleek curve is easy to insert and extremely effective. It lines up perfect to properly stimulate g spot and your clitoris simultaneously. I would wrap my thighs around the toy to intensify or decrease the pressure on the g spot. I highly recommend inserting it with a dab of lube and finding your location before you turn it on.

Don’t forget you can remove the silicone head when your done to wash it thoroughly.


The Womanizer Inside Out Orgasms:

The orgasms were down right out of this world! It was one of the most effective g-spot stimulators I’ve used to date. I think manufactures are getting to complex with shape and design. This simple sleek angled prong will do more than you can possibly imagine. The Womanizer Inside Out is my new favorite toy… Which is why I even travel with it! The orgasms flow through my entire body, due to the blended stimulation. It makes your knees quiver with pleasure. Experience it yourself, or give the unforgettable gift to your partner of the womanizer inside out!


The Inside Out is Ideal For:

  • Luxurious gifts
  • Those who enjoy blended full body orgasms
  • Demanding women, who believes basic toys typically don’t cut it.
  • Women who want internal g-spot stimulation from a toy that resembles a penis.




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