Womanizer Premium




Why The Womanizer Premium Is Better:


womanizer premium


  • Using pulse air technology it will “suck her clit” which feels like the best oral sex of your life X10


  • The highest rated vibrator for creating multiple orgasms in a single masturbation session.


  • Nicknamed “The 90 Second Orgasm Toy”


  • Featured in Cosmo, NY Times, Refinery29, WomensHealth, GQ… and more!


  • 100% waterproof so you can now enjoy it in your relaxing bubble bath, or for easy wash up and cleaning after use!


  • Increased battery life! The womanizer premium just doesn’t stop… Enjoy 4+ hours of use on a single charge. With over a month of standby power on mine, it’s always ready to go!


  • New Shape! The Womanizer premium now offers a sleek, ergonomic shape that is super easy to hold and control. Great for him to use on me too! Just focus on the pleasure, not using the toy!


  • Thanks to the toy’s Smart Silence™ technology, your Premium will only switch on upon contact with your skin. If you need to set it aside for a moment, it won’t make any surprise noises. Simply put, you can tune out and focus on yourself.


  • The Womanizer Premium is equipped with an autopilot mode. When active, your toy will alternate between 12 intensity levels and keep you on your toes. Sometimes intense, other times gentle – always extraordinary.


  • The highest rated, most feature packed, and incredibly pleasurable womanizer yet!


  • 100% body-safe. Using hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone tips.


  • 2 Year Guarantee through manufacturer.


  • 3 LEDs with charging level and mode indication


  • USB Cable with magnetic charging pins


Womanizer Premium Specifications:


Total Length: 6.10″ (155 mm)

Total Width: 1.96″ (50 mm)

Depth: 1.37″ (35 mm)


womanizer premium womanizer premium


Inside the Box:


womanizer premium blue


  • Womanizer premium
  •  2 stimulation heads in different sizes
  •  Storage bag
  •  User manual


Womanizer Premium Design:


The womanizer Premium is designed through multiple versions. Each version got better and better. There are now lots of “knock-off” pleasure air technology sex toys on the market, however the womanizer was the first.


Not only was it the first, it’s the best I’ve found from a quality and class standpoint (and I’ve tested a lot). The womanizer was designed by a German inventor who built this sex toy to specifically please women through clitoral stimulation.


Just imagine pleasant suction and gentle massaging of the clit which leads to completely new kind of orgasmic experiences.


womanizer premium


Orgasm Quicker Than Usual:


If your stressed out and want a quick release, there is no better sex toy than the womanizer. Studies show it takes on average 15-20 mins for a woman to climax. The companies internal research and studies show that more than half of all the women experienced an orgasm in less than 1 minute and 80% between 2-3 minutes. Now you know how it got the nick name the “90 second orgasm sex toy”!


female orgasm


It Feels Like Oral Sex:


The Womanizer Premium is different from most sex toys because it acts as a gentle sucking toy for your clitoris. It comes in soft enjoyable waves, similar to a partner who is great at oral! With the different modes you can start with soft suction and work your way to deeper suction feeling that stimulates all the right places.


High Rate of Multiple Orgasms:


The internal research for the womanizer premium puts the multiple orgasm rate at 75% for the women in the study. The sex toy was actually made to increase the chance of experiencing multiple orgasms. It was designed well and performs even better! A lot of women who have never experienced multiple orgasms (which is still very common) can turn an ordinary night into extraordinary really quickly with the womanizer!


how to eat pussy


My Womanizer Premium Use:


I found a lot of uses for the womanizer premium. My personal favorite is taking it in the shower. It’s like experiencing a “quickie” whenever and wherever you want. Had a long day and stressed out? Need a quick release? Pull out the womanizer!


Its also great for nipple stimulation! Because of the technology of the sucking nature, those who love nipple stimulation during sex or solo masturbation will get the benefits from this sex toy! It provides suction over vibration which is what you want for nipple stimulation most likely.


Don’t for get to use it with your partner! You certainly can use the womanizer for solo masturbation sessions. But don’t forget your partner can use it on you too! Guys, if you want to control how and when your partner orgasms, this sex toy will give you the control. Warm her up, or finisher off. It’s all only 90 seconds away!






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Blueberry, Raspberry, Red/Gold, Black/Gold, White Chrome


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