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Xpander X4 Features:


  • The Xpander X4 is a high-quality prostate stimulator


  • Unique design offers a 50% reduction in volume during entry.


  • Once inserted, slowly expands to original state.


  • Decreases diameter during removal.


  • 100% body safe design


  • 100% body safe material


  • 5 levels of vibration through bullet vibrator


  • 3 sizes built for beginners to advanced users


  • Compatible with all lubes!


  • Expands to offer “fullness” sensation


  • Amazing mind-blowing p-spot stimulation


  • Handle that provides great control and perineum stimulation


  • Great for blended orgasms!


  • 100% waterproof Silicone for easy clean up after.


  •  10 year warranty through manufacturer.


Xpander X4Xpander Design


Joy Devision Xpander X4 Specifications:


  • Small: 1.65 inch diameter that compresses to 1 inch. Insertable length of 3.74 inches.


  • Medium: 1.81 inch diameter that compresses to 1.06 inches. Insertable length of 4.13 inches.


  • Large: 1.96 inch diameter that compresses to 1.14 inches. Insertable length of 4.52 inches.




Xpander X4 Design:


X4 box


There is nothing like the design of the Xpander X4 by Joy Division. This butt plug is made for male prostate stimulation, and it does exactly that! In a variate of ways, the Xpander X4 sends your body into pure ecstasy.   


The design came from a German company who understands the problem with male butt plugs. Most men don’t like the stretching a butt plug does as it’s inserted across the anus. Especially the size you desire for a true “fullness” sensation once inserted.


So, how do you have something that’s slim and easy to insert, but once in, large enough to provide a mind-blowing sense of fullness?


You design and manufacture the Xpander X4. Simply squeeze the sides, the butt plug will reduce its size by over 50% then slide it in and allow it to slowly expand back to its original design.



Xpander push



The best part about it? When its time to pull it out, the design naturally collapses to ease the process once again!


Talk about full-body orgasmic pleasure, without the intense few moments of insertion and removal. If you’re not used to larger butt plugs it can be uncomfortable, painful, and even lead to injury if not prepared correctly.


Avoid the process of “training” your body to accept much larger butt plugs and go straight for the prostate stimulation without the discomfort and patience’s required.


 The totally innovative design is also built for optimal prostate stimulation through the curved head and pinpoint accuracy of the tapered tip.


The handle allows for easy insertion and removal, along with textured base for perineum stimulation. Not sure why or how, but this is just one of those plugs that fits perfectly for me. I know everybody is different, but this one had a “eureka like moment” when fully inserted!



X4 Use:


I was super stoked to open my Xpander X4 courtesy of Joy Division. The packaging is super sleek, informative, and visually appealing.


Although I am an experienced butt plug user, they sent me a small. I would have preferred the medium or large. After getting the pleasure I did from the small, I immediately ordered my own in a larger size.


Even though the small is delicate for me, I was blown away at the prostate orgasm it gives.


Start with relaxing as usual and lubing yourself and the tip of the Xpander X4 up. The insertion is a two-handed process.


Do not forget to turn the bullet on before insertion if you desire the vibration. I tried to turn it on once it was in and it became a buzz kill (no pun intended).


So, get the buzz going and slide the bullet into the butt plug. Adjust the vibration level you’d like from it. It has 5 levels, the bullet is a bit “buzzy” but level 5 is more than enough vibration you need from any anal sex toy.


Once the bullet is in and set correctly, pinch the sides of the Xpander X4 with one hand, and push the base of the plug with your other hand. This insertion requires both hands to benefit the unique design.


It was incredibly easy to slide it in! Normally a butt plug of this diameter (when expanded) I would need to warm up first. It would require I use a smaller butt plug and work my way up to the large Xpander.


But by pinching the sides, reducing the overall size of it by 50% I could slide it in with ease.


Once in, I could feel it slowly expanding (which was quite pleasurable). It’s a teasing sensation that leads to pressure directly on your prostate.



X4 diagram



I had the vibration going, doing my normal PC muscle squeezing and BAM! I was able to produce mind-blowing prostate orgasms one after another.


The box says “200% increase in prostate orgasm pleasure”. I can’t testify to that; all I know is it was extremely intense. Studies show prostate orgasms are 33% more intense than a standard orgasm from stimulating your shaft. Now that sounds more like it ????


Recommended For:


  • Men looking for amazing prostate simulation


  • Men who want a “fullness” sensation but with easy insertion and removal.


  • Want blended orgasms through stimulating the shaft with this in.


  • Guys who love prostate stimulation through vibration.


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