Zalo Queen Set




Why the Zalo Queen Set Is The Last Vibrator You Will Ever Need!


Zalo Queen Set


The Zalo Queen Set has so many features. Where do I even begin. First, let me start with the company. Zalo is based in the U.S. and prides themselves on luxury adult products. I mean these things are true gems!


Let’s just put it this way; not many vibrators look this sexy or feel this good…


The body is sleek and curves gently up to a hooked point for extraordinary g-spot pleasure. There are some fancy gold lacing that swirls around the handle with a stunning little Swarovski crystal in it.


The Zalo Queen Set can do it all. Literally, think of the best features a vibrator can offer and slam them all into one majestic vibrator set.


The Zalo Queen Set can vibrate, pulse, turn into a suction toy, and heat up! Yes, you read that right… I didn’t believe it either at first until I got my hands wrapped around this amazing wand!


What’s the Zalo Queen Set feel like?


The head of the vibrator has circular impressions where the pulses happen. This is not vibration, so don’t get confused. The pulses feel like someones fingertips are pressing from withing the toy. The thin flexible silicone layer bulges slightly with every pulse. It happens so quick its like a fast tapping.


The vibrations however feel like a powerful vibrating motor with a few different intensities and patterns. The deep rumbles can be felt through your entire core.


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The suction of the Zalo Queen Set is as simple as sliding an attachment on. This is a sleeve that slides over the head of the Queen. When you use pulse with the attachment on it, it feels just like a Womanizer on steroids!


Ohh and don’t forget the heating function! With the click of one button it will heat up to 107 degrees which makes it deliciously warm to insert!


The Features:


  • Inspired by Cleopatra, the Queen of sleek, seductive silhouette, with gold drizzled throughout, the Zalo Queen Set screams sexy design clashing with the ultimate pleasurable features.


  • Pulsate it against your g-spot for insane build ups and release!


  • Fully customizable vibrations will keep you captivated.


  • Slip the suction sleeve on for mind blowing clitoral orgasms similar to the womanizer… But better!


  • Premium food-level silicone that meets all FDA requirements. 100% body-safe.


  • PulseWave Technology with intensity range up to 75 times stimulation per second!


  • Carefully crafted sleek design for the perfect g-spot pleasure.


  • Heat things up! With just the click of one button the Zalo Queen Set can heat up to 107 degrees! Making it delightfully warm to insert!


  • USB- magnetic clip- N’ -charge fully charges in 1 hour for 2+ hours of use.


  • IPX4 Waterproof making it safe to wash off and clean no matter the direction.


  • Innovative Bluetooth connectivity allows you to control it with your phone! Let your partner now control your vibes with just a touch of the finger.


Zalo Queen Set




Measurements: 8.5″ total length, 5.12″ insertable, 1.7″ wide at the handle, 1.4″ wide insertable


Weight: 5.8 oz (vibrator)


Zalo Queen Set

Zalo Queen Set




Customer Reviews:


This toy is so amazing, I have never seen more beautiful design or better features on any other toy I had experienced. The preheating feature is awesome, you just turn the unit to on mode (no vibration) and press the heat button on the top. After one minute the toy is nice and warm and ready to use. Not like other toys you need to run on vibration Read more about review stating AMAZING TOY mode to heat up. I am blown away with the Zalo Queen Set!!- Maria (verified owner)


Expert Reviews:


My favorite use of this toy, though, is using the pulsing feature against the clitoris. The rapid tapping is novel and it creates powerful, fairly pin-point stimulation. The result? Long, slow orgasms. – MissRubyReviews


zalo queen set


My Experience With the Zalo Queen Set:


Plain and simple this toy does it all!


Yes it can heat up, be controlled by your phone, vibrate, pulsate, and suction. But for me I enjoy it in different manor than most. Sure you can insert the perfectly curved and textured head to stimulate your g-spot with the pulsating.


But for me, I enjoy using the pulsating on my clit. This soft but rapid tapping motion leads to one of the most intense clitoral orgasms of my life. I thought the suction was good, but I have a new favorite way to get off now.


I slide the attachment on and off throughout my masturbation session. Working the suction along with the penetration of the shaft. I don’t even need the vibration on to get a g-spot orgasm. Between the curved head and texture, it really is something special to me.


It’s really built for women who love focused stimulation, the tapping movements on their clit, the rumbling vibrations through their core, and warmth to radiant from within.


You will not be disappointed in the Zalo Queen Set!


zalo queen set


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Twilight Purple, Wine Red, Moss Green


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